Boot Camps in Ocala

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Equipment: Free weights, tires, sandbags, and kegs

Students should bring: Determination and a sense of humor

Average class length: 30?60 minutes

Number of Staff: 1?5

Class location: Mix of indoor and outdoor classes

Established: 2013

Registration required: Yes

Good for beginners: Yes

Guests allowed: Yes

Parking: Parking lot

Q&A with Tina, Assistant

Exercise is challenging, and people frequently give up on their fitness routines. How do you keep clients motivated?

We focus on a team atmosphere. We support and encourage each other. Also, we mix up our routines and make them as fun as possible by laughing and having fun while we train.

Sweating to the oldies is acceptable, but sweating to the blues less so. Do you find that certain styles and genres of music generate more intense workouts?

Yes. We typically listen to upbeat rock music while training. It helps keep you pumped and give it your all.

What is a typical session of your program or class like for a student?

Each training session is created and geared toward each individual's goals. Some are more fast-paced, while others are hard-core with very heavy weights. Each session is different and challenging.

2017 Northeast Jacksonville Road

Even though he’s armed with an arsenal of up-to-the-minute training and corrective exercise knowledge, Gaines Performance founder Aaron Gaines still puts his trust in the tried-and-true methods of traditional strength training. Solely dedicated to strength training, his studio helps students achieve their fitness and weight loss goals through trusted methods. His private studio allows him to tailor each fitness program he conducts to the needs of his clients, whether they’re seeking post-injury rehab or toning up for driver's license photos.

For personal training, he begins each session with an in-depth interview and health screening to identify areas of weakness, then he plans his programs accordingly. While focusing on proper technique, clients will lift weights from the bench, perform suspension-band-assisted body-weight exercises, and fling around a tractor tire. For a small-group experience, Aaron leads boot camps of no more than eight students.

923 North Magnolia Avenue

CrossFit Ocala Second to None's trainers funnel more than a decade of experience in strength and conditioning training into their endlessly varied CrossFit classes. Each session presents a new workout, created to provide full-body exercises scalable to each individual's capabilities. The outline on any given day may include running, weightlifting, plyometrics, or biking.

3640 SW 7th St

At BTY Fitness, expert personal trainers lead small groups through classes that use the environment to create challenging functional workouts, which range from boot camps to power yoga.

11795 SW County Highway 484