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Hair Straightening in Ocala, FL

One or Two Keratin Smoothing and <strong>Straightening</strong> Treatments at Styles Studio Salon (Up to 50% Off)
One or Two Keratin Smoothing and Straightening Treatments at Styles Studio Salon (Up to 50% Off)

Chemical formula and heat work together to strengthen the hair shaft and lead to silky, frizz-free hair

Sola Salons Ocala 2.5 mi
$400.00 $199.00
50% discount_off
Brazilian Keratin Thermal Blowout Treatment Kits (Up to 28% Off). Three Options Available.
Brazilian Keratin Thermal Blowout Treatment Kits (Up to 28% Off). Three Options Available.

Professional Brazilian keratin thermal blowout treatment kits along with professional styling tools, aftercare shampoo and conditioner

$49.00 $35.00
28% discount_off
Professional Vapor Titanium Flat Iron Steam Styler <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Professional Vapor Titanium Flat Iron Steam Styler Hair Straightener
  • Color: Black
  • Condition: New
  • Maximum Temperature: 450
  • Wand/Plate Size: new
$99.99 $39.99
60% discount_off
HerStyler 1.25" Ceramic <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
HerStyler 1.25" Ceramic Hair Straightener

Enhance your everyday hairdo with this flat iron that was designed to provide you with a frizz-free finish that will last for hours

$30.00 $19.99
33% discount_off
Marquee Beauty Ceramic 1.25" <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Marquee Beauty Ceramic 1.25" Hair Straightener

Ceramic flat iron featuring plates attached to a flexible membrane is designed to help you create smooth and sleek hairstyles

$250.00 $21.99
1,000+ bought
91% discount_off
Pursonic USB-Rechargeable Cordless <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Pursonic USB-Rechargeable Cordless Hair Straightener

Cordless hair straightener with smooth titanium plates can be charged via USB in the car or with phone adapter

$49.95 $18.99
650+ bought
61% discount_off
Vokai Labs Digital Ionic Flat Iron <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener and Curler
Vokai Labs Digital Ionic Flat Iron Hair Straightener and Curler

This 2-in-1 hair straightener and curler lets you create different looks-straight, curly, or wavy hair

$99.99 $33.99
280+ bought
66% discount_off
2 in 1 <strong>Straightening</strong> & Drying <strong>Hair</strong> Dryer & Volumizer Rotating <strong>Hair</strong> Brush New
2 in 1 Straightening & Drying Hair Dryer & Volumizer Rotating Hair Brush New
  • Color: Black
  • Ingredients: comb
  • Size: 1 pack
$79.99 $39.99
50% discount_off
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated <strong>Hair</strong> Straighteners
BaBylissPRO Nano Titanium-Plated Hair Straighteners

Create smooth, frizz-free hairstyles with these nano titanium-plated flat irons with adjustable heat settings

$139.95 $94.99
1,000+ bought
32% discount_off
InstaMagic Ceramic <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> Brush
InstaMagic Ceramic Hair Straightening Brush

Brush your hair with this ceramic brush to straighten your hair without dividing it into subsections; designed to create smooth hairstyles

$49.99 $18.99
1,000+ bought
62% discount_off
InstaMagic <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener Ironing Brush
InstaMagic Hair Straightener Ironing Brush

hair straightener with steaming function makes it more manageable to detangle tough hair without creams or conditioner interference

$120.00 $19.99
1,000+ bought
83% discount_off
Babyliss Nano Titanium <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Babyliss Nano Titanium Hair Straightener

Titanium-plated flat iron with lightweight construction lets you style your hair in a matter of minutes

$129.99 $93.99
1,000+ bought
27% discount_off
Gurin <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Gurin Hair Straightener

Flat-iron straightener with tourmaline plates can transform frizzy hair into sleek, straight locks

$199.00 $18.99
80+ bought
90% discount_off
Professional Flat Iron <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Professional Flat Iron Hair Straightener

Flat iron hair straightener featuring solid ceramic plates designed to leave hair looking smooth and shiny

$79.99 $21.99
60+ bought
72% discount_off
Marquee Beauty 1.25" Ceramic <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Marquee Beauty 1.25" Ceramic Hair Straightener

Suitable for all hair types, this ceramic straightener with adjustable temperature control can help you create various hairstyles

$139.99 $21.99
100+ bought
84% discount_off
XIT Professional 1.5" <strong>Hair</strong> Steam Styler and <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
XIT Professional 1.5" Hair Steam Styler and Hair Straightener

This steam hair straightener with five temperature settings is designed to help you straighten your hair quickly, leaving them smooth

$89.99 $32.99
130+ bought
63% discount_off
CHI Professional 1" Ceramic <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
CHI Professional 1" Ceramic Hair Straightener

Fast-heating flat iron with 1” ceramic plates gently heat strands to make straight or wavy styles, while negative ions keep coifs shiny

$120.00 $64.99
45% discount_off
ProCabello Travel-Size Mini <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
ProCabello Travel-Size Mini Hair Straightener

Featuring compact size for easy storage and portability, this ceramic hair straightener is designed to preserve moisture in the hair shaft

$125.00 $21.99
320+ bought
82% discount_off
Pro Milano Anion <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> Comb
Pro Milano Anion Hair Straightening Comb

Ceramic straightener, detangling brush, and anion hair massager in one tool is a great combination to create your favorite hairstyles

$29.99 $23.99
130+ bought
20% discount_off
2-In-1 Heating <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> Brush
2-In-1 Heating Hair Straightening Brush

This heated brush helps minimize static electricity and seal the hair cuticle as you brush your hair to help create smooth, shiny hairstyles

$35.00 $22.99
8 bought
34% discount_off
Marquee Beauty Sleek 'N Smooth Ceramic <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> Iron
Marquee Beauty Sleek 'N Smooth Ceramic Hair Straightening Iron

Create lovely, sleek hairstyles with this lightweight design, ceramic hair straightening iron with adjustable heat setting

$139.99 $21.99
90+ bought
84% discount_off
Avion Beauty <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> and Steaming Brush
Avion Beauty Hair Straightening and Steaming Brush

hair straightener with steam is designed to detangle hair, restore color vibrancy, and features cool steam water ions to hydrate hair

$49.99 $31.99
20+ bought
36% discount_off
Sutra 1" Ceramic <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
Sutra 1" Ceramic Hair Straightener

This flat iron with solid ceramic plates and adjustable heat setting is designed to help you create various hairstyles

$275.00 $71.99
20+ bought
73% discount_off
HERA 1'' Ceramic Rubberized <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener
HERA 1'' Ceramic Rubberized Hair Straightener

Designed to create straight, wavy, or curly hairdos, this hair straightener is a great companion in in-house and professional salons

$139.99 $31.99
70+ bought
77% discount_off
Marquee Beauty Ceramic <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener Brush
Marquee Beauty Ceramic Hair Straightener Brush

This straightener brush features an auto shut-off feature and cool ionic bristle tips for enhanced safety

$120.00 $26.99
4 bought
77% discount_off
Insta Magic <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> Brush with LED Display
Insta Magic Hair Straightening Brush with LED Display

This lightweight hairbrush is designed to keep your hair in a good condition, eliminate breakage and split ends, and leave them shiny

$98.00 $18.99
10,000+ bought
80% discount_off
Marquee Beauty Professional Ceramic Instant <strong>Hair</strong> Straightener Brush
Marquee Beauty Professional Ceramic Instant Hair Straightener Brush

Salon-quality brush combines heat and ionic bristles to battle knots and frizz, creating a smoother, sleeker look

$59.99 $22.99
61% discount_off
2-in-1 Multifunctional Electric <strong>Hair</strong> Curler, Flat Iron, and <strong>Straightening</strong> Brush Comb
2-in-1 Multifunctional Electric Hair Curler, Flat Iron, and Straightening Brush Comb

This multifunctional styling tool allows you to smooth, straighten, curl, and add volume to your hair

$72.04 $26.99
70+ bought
62% discount_off
Insta Magic <strong>Hair Straightening</strong> Brush with LED Display — Upgraded Version
Insta Magic Hair Straightening Brush with LED Display — Upgraded Version

This combination digital flat iron and detangling comb straightens hair almost instantly and leaves locks healthy and hydrated

$79.99 $24.99
68% discount_off
2-in-1 Ceramic-Coated Heated <strong>Hair</strong> Curling and <strong>Straightening</strong> Wand
2-in-1 Ceramic-Coated Heated Hair Curling and Straightening Wand

This ceramic curling and straightening wand can be used on medium or long hair and is designed to protect cuticle of hair from stripping

$25.99 $21.99
40+ bought
15% discount_off