Paragliding in Parole

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With more than 60,000 flights and an impressive safety record, Highland Aerosports' buoyant bodies safely traverse through the skies at altitudes up to 2,500 feet during tandem intro-to-hang-gliding flights. Gliding gurus draw from their 13+ years of experience to guide new aeronauts through the basics, learning hang gliding's procedures and controls. After an ultra-light airplane tows the aerial apparatus into the sky, airborne students steer over the Maryland scenery for 12–15 minutes, hopping through clouds and over Cupid's aerial archery shop until descending to 300 feet, where the instructor will bring the glider to a safe landing. During the soaring session, a photographer snaps approximately 20 images of winged escapades, compiling candid moments onto a 1GB memory card to take with you.

24038 Race Track Rd