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In 1947, Hanny’s Department Store opened in downtown Phoenix. Its clean, functional structure, following the International Style of architecture that had recently come into vogue, represented the city’s first step into post-World War II’s commercial era. The modern design was so striking that it prompted other buildings in the area to update their looks. The department store’s racks helped locals update their looks, too, until 1986, when Hanny’s closed its doors for good. The building stood mostly abandoned for more than two decades, until restauranteur Karl Kopp purchased it from the city in order to fulfill his vision for a new, modern eatery. Three years of renovation later, Hanny's was reborn. Today, a sleek center bar and intimate booths line the once cavernous sales floor. Settled into their tables, diners dig into such upscale entrees as the pork milanese, seared and drizzled with lemon-butter sauce, along with creative sandwiches and Roman-style pizzas with crisp crusts etched to resemble a gladiator’s chest plate. At the bar, mixologists tap craft beers, pour global wines, and craft classic cocktails in a throwback to their 1940s surroundings.

40 N 1st St