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Yum Yum Thai Cuisine's chefs craft a creative Thai and Chinese menu that garnered features in the Express News "Just a Taste" column and on KTSA's "The Dish." The team allows seafood to flourish by placing it on a plate with chinese shrimp and lobster sauce or in an "ocean deep" clay pot filled with glass noodles, squid, scallops, and maybe a sunken treasure. They grant pineapple a break from its day job as headwear by hollowing out its halves and fashioning them into a bowl for boneless roasted duck in red curry or shrimp-and-pineapple fried rice. By preparing starters, such as crispy deep-fried dragonfly rolls, and refreshing desserts, such as house-made coconut ice cream, the kitchen staff bookends the dining experience with cuisine as appealing as the entrees that form their centerpieces.

13777 Nacogdoches Rd
San Antonio,