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  • California Wolf Center
    California Wolf Center was founded in 1977 to educate the public about wildlife and ecology, specifically the history and behavior of the gray wolf. Located 50 miles east of San Diego, it houses 19 wolves—five Alaskan gray wolves and 14 of the approximately 358 Mexican gray wolves that exist worldwide. The wolves act as ambassadors for the wild, taking part in educational programs for the public. The center also participates in the Mexican Wolf Species Survival Plan, which aims to help the endangered species recover in the wild. At the facility, wolves live in off-exhibit enclosures that can help retain their natural behavior since some of them will eventually be released back into the wild.
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    PO Box 1389
    Julian, CA US
    Though refugee youth living in America come from different countries and speak different tongues, there is a language they can all have in common: soccer. As YALLA education director Lars Almquist explained, soccer is “a universal language among a diasporic community.” YALLA founder, Mark Kabban experienced this phenomenon himself when one day he was juggling a soccer ball outside and a group of refugee kids joined him in a pickup game. Having lived in Lebanon for most of his youth, Kabban knows how hard it is to move into a new society. Inspired by his impromptu soccer match, he founded YALLA, a Peace Builders Soccer League and tutoring program for refugee kids. Youth in his program come from Iraq, Africa, and Latin America, and often immigrated to the United States to escape civil war, genocide, and forced labor. Many have never been to school a day in their lives, but in their new homes, they have a chance to acquire knowledge, make new friends, and prepare for bright futures in college or trade careers. By word of mouth and outreach efforts, young refugees come to the YALLA office, hoping to join the soccer team they heard about in school. But the soccer league is really just a hook to get kids involved in YALLA’s true mission—to help youth acclimate into and succeed in their new lives in America, both socially and academically. In exchange for the chance to play, scholar-athletes must spend the same amount of time in after-school tutoring sessions as they do in soccer practice, so that they hone their math and language skills along with their bicycle kick. Within this strong community of peers, young refugees can build a home and work toward success that was long denied to them. While tutoring youth in YALLA, Almquist found that it only takes a small push to help them progress from hopelessness to success. Everyday they work, they build a foundation of knowledge in a new language. Eventually, something clicks and they can finish problems on their own or begin tutoring other children. Then they can focus on a larger goal, such as going to college, getting a job, or finding a scholarship to play soccer after graduation. See how Groupon helps you discover local causes and lend a helping hand at the Groupon Grassroots blog.
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    401 West Lexington Avenue
    El Cajon, CA US
  • Laughing Pony Rescue Rancho Santa Fe
    As with many equestrians, Celia Sciacca?s affection for horses can be traced back to her childhood. When she was just 10, she received her first horse, Hot Foot Honey, who she would ride bareback through the streets of New York. In a way, more than 300 horses now owe their health and happiness to this steed, because Hot Foot Honey sparked in Celia an abiding passion for the animals that lasts to this day. Working closely with the United Pegasus Foundation, Celia takes in sick, abused, and abandoned horses of any breed, and rehabilitates them through her organization, Laughing Pony Rescue. As president, Celia oversees an all-volunteer staff that tends to as many as 20 horses at a time, giving them nutritious food and clean water, daily vitamins, and plenty of room to run, roll on their backs, and nap in the sun. Horses at Laughing Pony Rescue also find something that the herd animals can lack: the companionship of other horses and positive social interaction with people. For example, Laughing Pony Rescue offers therapeutic riding sessions for adults and children with disabilities. After training and veterinary care have given the horses back their strength, Laughing Pony Rescue puts the animals up for adoption and sees that they live out their lives at a loving home.
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    7143 Via Del Charro
    Rancho Santa Fe, CA US
  • La Jolla New Generations Rotary
    The La Jolla New Generations Rotary Club's “Cupcakes & Cocktails” event invites guests for an afternoon of tasty sweets and delicious drinks in a spacious, lodge-style venue overlooking the beach. Over the course of the event, guests can socialize and compare frosting beards as they nibble on two cupcakes and exchange two drink tickets for cocktails or beers by Blue Moon and Longboard, all for a worthy cause. Listen to the reverberations of live music in the natural lighting of the main room, migrate up to the second-floor deck to get a lofty view of the coast, or step out onto the shaded terrace to enjoy the fresh, summer air amid flowers and park benches. Each guest will also be entered into a raffle for chances to win rewards from an Aveda salon, goodies from Sprinkles Cupcakes, a cash prize, and a lifetime supply of leftover ticket stubs.
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    1658 Coast Boulevard
    Del Mar, CA US
  • Insulindependence
    The program pairs Captain Mentors with Junior Captains (mentees), providing opportunities for youth to develop lifelong relationships, interact with their peers in engaging and challenging environments, and encourage Junior Captains to be advocates for diabetes awareness and leaders in their communities. Past program participants have achieved goals such as competing in national high-school sports competitions and completing half marathons and triathlons. However, the costs of training and traveling for such events can be prohibitively expensive for many families. Insulindependence aims to expand its outreach in the upcoming year by providing more scholarships for the mentorship program, and the organization needs additional funding to sponsor Junior Captains who may not otherwise be able to afford the program, including the costs of lodging, food, travel, and the culminating event of the program.
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    249 South Highway 101
    Solana Beach, CA US
  • Home Start
    At each of several one-day festivals held throughout the country, thousands of revelers unite in an epic clash of pulp, beer, and live music. Armed with a cache of 300,000 tomatoes, participants don protective bathing suits and goggles and hurl the fruit at one another during a two-hour battle. Throughout the afternoon, live music and costume contests offer an entertaining respite from the front lines, as bartenders dispense drafts of beer to attendees older than 21, refueling soldiers' morale before they resign to writing goodbye letters to their produce vendors back home. All tomatoes used during the event are past ripe and already fated for disposal, making the battle an efficient means of tossing them before their cursed transformation into singing Muppets.
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    404 Euclid Avenue
    San Diego, CA US