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Bite into freshly baked naan bread at Monsoon Express, a flavorful Indian restaurant for those with a hankering for heat. No need to miss out on Monsoon Express just because you are avoiding fat or gluten. The restaurant has tons of options that can accommodate your dietary needs. With Monsoon Express' wide selection of refreshments available, you can tap into the drink menu early in the evening. For some fresh air during the non-winter months, dine outside on Monsoon Express' patio. Show up in sneakers or a suit at Monsoon Express, where dining in comfort is of utmost importance. If you need to get somewhere fast, the restaurant also serves up grub to go. If you're driving, be sure to take advantage of the nearby lot. You'll find your bill at Monsoon Express to be more than reasonable, with most meals costing less than $15.
1640 Camino Del Rio N
San Diego,