Thai Restaurants in Del Mar Heights

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Adorned with a Gold Medallion Award from the California Restaurant Association, Taste of Thai walks culinary tight ropes of authentic, bold flavors within its minimally designed dining rooms. A meal inside the bamboo-bathed Hillcrest dining room begins with the Shrimp Sarong, an unwearable plate of bulbous shrimp, marinated and nestled in egg noodles, deep fried, and accessorized with palm sauce ($7.95). Hunger-havers can salivate over a cornucopia of thai rice and noodle dishes ($8.95–$12.95), each accented by a choice of tofu, meat, or seafood. Three's Company, a house specialty, tosses shrimp, squid, and chicken in a house curry paste with green pepper, peas, and an unbearably catchy theme song ($11.95). Sweeten meal endings with a bowl of milky, coconut ice cream ($3.95) to cool flames from a fiery dinner rush.

15770 San Andres Dr
Del Mar,