Hair Restoration in Sarasota

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  • Wellness and Life Solutions
    The team at Wellness and Life Solutions takes a multifaceted approach to awakening and balancing the body's innate capacity for healing. Certified hypnotist Shana Rosenthal assists people with their weight-loss or smoking-cessation goals, and stress-management expert Marc Rosenthal uses techniques such as neurolinguistic programming to help people improve their ability to socialize, negotiate, and manifest more legible thought bubbles. To unblock bodily energy and address pain or illness, guests turn to licensed psychologist and acupuncturist Maritza Kerekes, while Cindy Heard, a licensed massage therapist and certified reflexologist, restores clients' physical homeostasis.
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    22 Goodrich Avenue
    Sarasota, FL US
  • St. Petersburg Medical Center
    An expert in hair loss and restoration, Dr. Nasser Razack has several creations to his name to back up his credentials, including a book called Conquering Hair Loss and a line of haircare products designed to prevent hair loss. His most prolific achievement, though, has been the thousands of operations he's performed to help men regain lost hair. During each follicular-unit transplantation treatment, Dr. Razack and his staff graft existing, healthy hairs onto the scalp while maintaining their follicular units—naturally occurring groups of one to four hairs—so as to create a lush, full pattern of natural hair.
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    5338 1st Avenue North
    St. Petersburg, FL US
  • David Andrew Hair Salon & Skin Care Center
    Behind an exposed brick wall, clients at David Andrew Hair Salon & Skin Care Center perch on black styling chairs as stylists clip their locks. The skilled staff does more than basic haircuts, though; their service menu includes full highlights, deep-conditioning treatments, smoothing keratin treatments, and hair extensions. Equally as skilled are the aestheticians who man the salon’s skincare branch, where clients seek out waxing services, chemical peels, and intricate facials such as the collagen facial, which tightens the skin’s surface to fight the signs of aging.
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    13442 Boyette Road
    Riverview, FL US
  • PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery Miami
    Led by a team of board-certified plastic surgeons, PREMIERE Center for Cosmetic Surgery helps clients to combat encroaching signs of aging and restore self-confidence with surgical and nonsurgical aesthetic treatments. Precise injections ease wrinkles or restore volume in the skin, making faces less crinkly and easier to lay flat on the Xerox machine. Complexions are further enhanced by services including peels, microdermabrasion, and medical-grade facials. Patients looking for more intensive transformations can consult with surgeons, whose skilled hands perform lifts, tucks, and reconstructive procedures.
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    300 S Hyde Park Ave.
    Tampa, FL US
  • Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa Bay
    Having cosmetic surgery can be quite nerve-racking, but patients at Cosmetic Surgery of Tampa Bay might rest a little easier in the hands of Dr. Christina Paylan, who has performed more than 4,000 cosmetic procedures and who also co-authored a surgical textbook in which she talks about how to prevent and treat surgical infections. Because she is so knowledgeable about this, Dr. Paylan has maintained a zero percent surgical-infection rate in her practice. The veteran of Tampa General Hospital performs not only surgical treatments, such as tummy tucks and breast augmentations, but also less invasive procedures, such as dermal fillers and Botox injections. And she's a proponent of treating the body with more holistic practices, using arnica pills to reduce bruising after surgery and requiring all of her liposuction patients to get routine deep-tissue massages. Plus, Dr. Paylan's clinic has an organic med spa, where she administers vitamin-boosting energy shots, as well as perform gold-infusion therapy, which can lift sagging skin and minimize crow's-feet, and spider-vein removal, which makes legs look smoother and less menacing to butterflies.
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    3801 S MacDill Ave.
    Tampa, FL US
  • A Confident You, LLC
    The beauty experts at A Confident You, LLC enhance outward appearances with the latest noninvasive aesthetic treatments, including microdermabrasion and scar reduction. They also target cellulite and fat deposits with radio-frequency energy and vacuum therapy from the Viora Reaction system, which may also be used in attempts to tighten skin, diminish fine lines, or lighten stretch marks. Additionally, the crew employs laser technology to stimulate living follicles and curb hair loss caused by hormonal changes or an ill-advised scalp massage from Edward Scissorhands. They might also recommend an It Works! product to address flagging energy and weight gain.
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    1112 E Kennedy Blvd.
    Tampa, FL US