Music Lessons in Shreveport

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Noel Community Arts Program’s melodious mentors train musicians age 2 and older in individualized lessons, covering scores of orchestral instruments. Many instructors possess music degrees, and pass on their tuneful knowledge to young ears through one-on-one introductory lessons on basic instrument technique, fundamental music theory, and how to play sheet music backward to create romantic comedy soundtracks. Children 7 years and older (5- and 6-year-olds can audition for lessons) can tickle the ivories or cheer up a mournful guitar with a few gentle strums. Students in sixth grade or above can bend strings on a violin or coax melodies from woodwinds such as the saxophone. In small-group beginning-music sessions, mini maestros age 2–6 can delve into basic concepts of music or do character research for early Beethoven biopics. Students must provide their own instruments.

520 Herndon St