Coffee Shops in Sierra Madre

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  • T-Neer
    Tea is practically in Aruna's blood. Her family's ties to the drink include one grandfather who owned and worked on a tea estate and another grandfather who operated a tea room in Sri Lanka. When she founded T-Neer?after having the opportunity to travel the world with her family and sample teas from numerous countries?Aruna dedicated the tea room to their memory. Today, guests to T-Neer find a casual place to relax and enjoy a pot of light, slightly-sweet white tea or rich black tea along with a menu of freshly baked scones, half sandwiches, small cakes, and other light snacks. Additionally, the tea room hosts tastings, which provide guests with the opportunity to sample six of the more than 100 available teas.
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    142 West Sierra Madre Boulevard
    Sierra Madre, CA US
  • Blend It Healthy
    The produce smashers of Blend it Healthy specialize in juices and smoothies free of artificial sugars, processed ingredients, and canvas-painted still lifes of fruit. Patrons can devise custom blends, but many opt for the chef-designed concoctions. These are categorized into three types: light ice-blended drinks, such as the kiwi-orange Kiwige; natural smoothies, including the Pahple made of papaya, honeydew, and apple; and filling meal replacers, which feature a whole day's worth of fruits and vegetables.
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    411 E. Huntington Drive Ste 114
    Arcadia, CA US
  • Boba Link
    Bathed in sunlight pouring in from floor-to-ceiling windows, Boba Link Tea House's colorful interior is home to a menu of blended bubble tea smoothies, flavored ice milk, and tea-house style dim sum snacks. Sip on lychee green tea while testing chopstick dexterity on bowls of the Shanghai onion noodles, taking advantage of Boba Link's free WiFi to research the businesses' relation to the Boba Fett family tree.
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    9566 Las Tunas Dr
    Temple City, CA US
  • Waffles de Liege - Old Pasadena
    What we know today as the thick, round, and buttery Belgian waffle is an impostor. More accurately, its real name is the Brussels waffle. Even though these days, practically everyone in the States recognizes it as generically Belgian, it's not the only waffle the country is known for; in the city of Liege, another recipe is the top waffle all together. The traditional Liege waffle is much sweeter than its Brussels counterpart, thanks to the signature Belgian pearl sugar dotting its dough. These large sugar crystals caramelize when the dough hits the waffle iron, producing a treat that's practically a dessert in and of itself. But that doesn't stop the cooks at Waffles de Liege from topping it with simple powdered sugar, fresh fruit, or Nutella. Between its roaming food truck and brick and mortar locations, Waffles de Leige brings this sweeter, heartier waffle Westward. Since the dough?not a batter?plays such an important part in creating the Liege flavor, the guys only produce it fresh, even in their food trucks and waffle-obsessed dreams. Beyond simple toppings, the guys also offer options that include ice cream and Speculoos, a Belgian cookie spread that tastes like ginger snaps. Among their selection of drinks are many caffeinated beverages made with Heart Coffee, a roaster who's focus is to change the way people see black coffee, offering hand-selected beans that are robust in flavor and never bitter.
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    21 E Holly St.
    Pasadena, CA US
  • Tea Barrel
    Tea Barrel takes its name seriously. Along with a menu loaded with dozens of tea drinks—from fresh green and black teas to lattes and milk teas—the cafe seats guests at tables made of actual tea barrels. Guests can settle in on the benches at their quaint table for laid-back sipping on their preferred drink, whether it's kumquat green tea, strawberry milk tea, or refreshing watermelon or honey plum juice. Slushies and smoothies can also be created in a variety of fruity and other flavors, including mango strawberry, vanilla coffee, or thai tea.
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    405 West Main Street
    Alhambra, CA US
  • Lollicup - El Monte
    Lollicup sates thirsts with a variety of tea, juice, and fruit drinks. Milk drinks include coconut, coffee, and honey milk teas, alongside caramel lattes; fruit teas include passion fruit, mango, or sour plum alongside slushes and smoothies. Customers can also enhance their drinks with fun add-ons such as boba, pudding, mango jelly, and aloe vera.
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    10512 Lower Azusa Road
    El Monte, CA US