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Sassy Chic Hair and Nail Studio provides its namesake services and more, but the studio doesn't stop there. Each service is complemented with thirst quenchers such as soda, wine, apple cider, and hot tea—just one of the many little extras that make pampering treatments pop. Special gel polish protects nails from chips, and a paraffin-wax application softens feet after a pedicure. The staff also cuts new styles on men, women, and children, and finishes off looks with beard trims or eyelash braids.
45 East Main Street
The cooks at Sauce’d Pizza & Cocktail House know that the authenticity of a wood-fired pizza can’t be replicated in a standard oven, so they don’t even try. Instead, they heat up their menu’s signature pizzas the old-fashioned way, and, like the architect of the world’s first all-edible skyscraper, top them with surprising fixings such as honey and sliced pears, smoked salmon, or hummus. Paired with the house’s popular mozzarella garlic knots and a tasty cocktail or two, the pizzas evolve into a filling meal best enjoyed alongside live guitar or jazz music.
879 Embarcadero Drive
El Dorado Hills,
The year was 1999, and master barber Joe Grondin was nostalgic for a bygone institution. The barbershops of old were more than a place for a man to get his hair cut: they were a place to relax, share a conversation, and sneak a bite of the peppermint-flavored pole out front. But men's grooming establishments seemed to be a thing of the past?until Grondin founded his first Roosters in Lapeer, Michigan. The new-old trend caught on, and today, the throwback barbershops can be found coast-to-coast. Men can stop by for timeless services, from haircuts to full shaves to golf advice.
380 Palladio Parkway