Charity & Grassroots in Sunset

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  • New Global Citizens
    New Global Citizens empowers young people to become engaged global citizens as they learn about challenges addressed in the UN Millennium Development goals, such as extreme poverty, environmental sustainability, gender equality, and HIV/AIDS. Through unique global education programs, New Global Citizens provides middle- and high-school students with opportunities to create global change while gaining advocacy, leadership, collaboration, and communication skills. To date, the New Global Citizens movement has raised $120,000, launched more than 300 teams on school campuses across the country, and started 150 advocacy initiatives to support 65 grassroots projects in 40 countries around the world.
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    1430 West Broadway Road
    Tempe, AZ US
  • Arizona Beagle Rescue
    Arizona Beagle Rescue (AZBR) aims to find permanent homes for beagles and to prevent their unnecessary deaths by euthanasia, rescuing them from shelters and other agencies. As AZBR has no shelter facility of its own, the organization relies on volunteers to temporarily foster the dogs until they're matched with a family or individual for permanent adoption. Along with offering these services, AZBR educates the public about temperament and traits specific to beagles and the importance of spay and neuter services. In 2011, AZBR rescued and found homes for 121 beagles that would otherwise have been killed in shelters.
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    P.O. Box 61193
    Phoenix, AZ US
  • Arizona Historical Society Museum at Papago Park
    There’s little left in Tucson to suggest that back in the mid-19th-century the city served as the Southwest’s hub for highway robbers. But it's a fact that the area hosted a string of stagecoach holdups and served as the starting point for Wyatt Earp’s infamous vendetta ride. At the Arizona History Museum, relics stand testament to this harrowed past, including an original Concord stagecoach, not unlike those whose occupants were forced to surrender their valuables to roadside brigands. The museum doesn’t only explore infamy, though; it illuminates all the forces that took part in Tucson’s transition from Paleo-Indian hunting ground to Spanish colonial outpost to the commercial center it is today. Exhibits cover this vast span of time creatively, including a full-size replica of an underground mine that provides a glimpse into early-20th-century working conditions, hands-on exhibits that recall the day-to-day lives of Native Americans, and archaeology displays that detail the surrounding environment's history over the past 4,000 years.
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    1300 N College Ave
    Tempe, AZ US