Boxing & Kickboxing in Barrio Hollywood

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Und1sputed's experienced instructors boost metabolism, self-esteem, and self-defense skills during martial-arts-based and boxing fitness classes in more than 50 scheduled timeslots each week. During one-hour boxing classes, students learn basic skills and professional training methods such as jumping rope, reviewing Rock 'Em Sock 'Em–robots footage, and running medicine-ball drills while admiring the center's full-size regulation boxing ring. A mixed-martial-arts class combines boxing, kickboxing, and grappling techniques to get exercisers' feet flying and hearts pumping. Learn core tenets of self-defense during the Bar Room Brawl class, an intense one-hour workout that targets excess fat with kick-punch combinations, bag work, and toning moves for the abs and gluteals. Classes are followed by open-mat rolls, and patrons have access to a large selection of weights ranging up to 200 pounds, the same weight as 10,000 pro-wrestling VHS tapes.
1240 N Stone Ave