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Homemade guacamole and fresh cornbread spread with guava sauce balance Antigua Real's Latin culinary dishes, whose rich spice blends have won over palates by showcasing global flavors. Cuts of meat pick up campfire flavors and learn cowboy songs on the grill, and absorb chipotle, tomatillo, and tamarind from marinades and gravies. Entrees smothered in two thick moles (chocolate and almond) ensure those dining in get a taste of Mexican tradition, whereas seafood dishes accompanied by plantain recall the country's oft-overlooked proximity to the Caribbean. If you are not admiring collections of Central American art decorating the walls and fireplace of the entry, you can relax in Antigua Real's inviting lounge, where a diverse collection of tequilas, signature margaritas, mojitos, and beer inspire sun-soaked relaxation.

2104 Silvernail Rd