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  • Abstract Cleaning Services
    We are people oriented and conscious of, " how hard it is to make a buck and are committed to earning it ... for each hire that we are called upon." We clean homes, Commercial property, Trailer Homes, Garages, Move-In / Move-Outs and so much more.
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    4511 SW 36th St
    West Park, FL US
  • Iron Beast CrossFit
    Former US Marine Clive Phillips co-owns Iron Beast CrossFit with his wife, Eillen. Clive knows toughness when he sees it?being in the military will do that?so it's no surprise that he gravitated toward CrossFit and its intense, functional exercises. As is the case at most CrossFit gyms, Iron Beast designs daily WODs (short for "workout of the day") that challenge various muscle groups. Adjustable to many different fitness levels, these WODs may include everything from weightlifting to sprinting. The idea is to strengthen the muscles we use every day to climb the stairs, chase the bus, or save the city from giant robots.
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    5813 Southwest 21st Street
    West Park, FL US
  • Burger King
    Ounces of juicy goodness are coming off the griddle hot at Burger King. At Burger King, gluten-free and healthy dining is done right. At Burger King, your large or small party can easily enjoy a meal. Enjoy wifi here free of cost. You can also grab your food to go. A catering menu is also available if you're looking to dazzle the diners at your next shindig. Free parking is readily available for hungry diners at Burger King. Burger King proves that an amazing meal can be both delicious and affordable. Stop by for three square meals a day — Burger King serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner.
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    2631 S State Road 7
    West Park, FL US
  • Le Mont Sinai Chiropractic and Wellness
    The staff at Le Mont Sinai Chiropractic and Wellness strives to impart their patients with lifelong health. They do this by treating chronic pain with chiropractic methods and massage. Previously, their treatment methods have quelled the aches of patients suffering from sports injuries, car accidents, work-related injuries, and other medical conditions.
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    1021 Yves Dairy Rd #217
    N Miami Beach, FL US
  • uBreakiFix
    uBreakiFix CEO Justin Wetherill spoke with Groupon about the importance of protecting your smartphone and the challenges of fixing a phone that has been dropped into a deep fryer. On the worst thing you can do after cracking your smartphone?s glass screen ?Don?t just put it into your pocket and continue to use it,? Wetherill says. The broken glass can actually cause serious damage to the phone?s inner components and turn a relatively simple fix into a costly repair job. On the repair process "Look, this is something we do every day," Wetherill says. "You are not the first person to break a phone.? Collectively, uBreakiFix's highly trained technicians repair more than 20,000 devices a month, drawing from a library of high-quality parts that are tested twice before they ever get used in a repair service. Free diagnostics are a staple at all uBreakiFix locations, so customers understand the problem before any work is done. On growing his business uBreakiFix began as a business based out of Wetherill?s living room, and it now boasts more than 60 locations nationwide. ?We are proof that the American dream is alive,? he says. On unusual repair jobs Wetherill remembers one fast-food employee who dropped her phone into a restaurant?s deep fryer. ?It smelled pretty bad,? he said; however, the repairs were successful. Another customer lost his phone in a cement mixer. After some serious effort, the technicians were able to safely recover all of the important data, but the phone died a few hours later. As Wetherill pointed out, ?it did go through a cement mixer.? Some miracles just aren?t meant to be. On the importance of a one-day turnaround time Repairs at uBreakiFix?s store locations can often take as little as an hour, according to Wetherill. This is a critical part of the shops' focus?something Wetherill personally understands. If forced to choose between spending the weekend without his smartphone or his left arm, he jokes that he would pick the arm. ?Of course, this is assuming that there wouldn?t be any pain,? he laughs.
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    1800 NW 122nd Ter.
    Pempbroke Pines, FL US
  • EliteHealth.MD LLC
    On August 21, 2010, the offices of EliteHealth.MD LLC got a disturbing call. One of their patients had fractured a vertebra during a dive into too-shallow water and was now paralyzed below the chest. Things were further complicated by her location, as a visit to her family in the Bahamas had put her more than 300 miles from Florida. But that didn't stop Dr. Steven Schnur and his team from immediately springing into action to help her. An air ambulance lifted her to Ryder Trauma Center in Florida, where the chairman of the University of Miami's neurological-surgery department led a medical team to repair the break in her spine. This quick, effective response demonstrates the scope and resources of EliteHealth, an international network of physicians coordinated by Drs. Schnur and Perry Krichmar. Though EliteHealth's team ably handles emergency situations like this one, its focus lies in preventive medicine. Three levels of membership grant patients access to a suite of medical services, screenings, and diagnostics scheduled throughout the year. These range from heart scans to Elite|Fit Forever, a gene-decoding and metabolic-testing program that develops nutrition and exercise recommendations based on each patient's genetics. Members also qualify for the EliteHealth Annual Wellness Exam, which monitors patients for early indicators of common degenerative diseases such as cancer. To further facilitate this approach to ongoing integrative care, EliteHealth operates locations within the United States and beyond. The myEliteHealth online portal helps patients keep in touch with their physicians without forcing them to shout into a really long stethoscope.
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    1601 N Palm Ave., Suite 101
    Pembroke Pines, FL US

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