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Signature service: Boni Wolf

Established: 1983

Reservations/Appointments: Optional

Staff Size: 2?10 people

Q&A with Boni Wolf, Director

Besides making clients happy, what do you like most about your job?

We help people follow their dreams in the entertainment world. Many of our students are out there doing commercials and TV shows like Law and Order, Boardwalk Empire, Nutella, Capitol One, Cartoon Network. PPL Electric and more. Over 25 kids were in student films this year the school set up.

How is your approach different than that of other professionals in your field?

We help clients to learn about the entertainment business and the right steps to take to have a career in acting. We help students with roles in local films and teach them the right way to audition for a role. We are working on the second season of our kids TV show and a new local teen radio show. Our students all have the opportunity to be in them.

Is there anything else you want to add that we didn't cover?

If your kid wants to be an actor ... or is looking to build confidence and self esteem, better public speaking skills ... and learn how to interview for a job, then this is the right place.

257 N 3rd St

Before becoming a performance space, Grasso’s Magic Theatre was a cold storage facility, the building itself more than 100 years old and the stage area once housing an industrial freezer. After purchasing the building in 2001, Joe Grasso spent his nights and weekends renovating it, plying his abilities as a carpenter to refurbish and recycle unwanted building materials and furniture, from old theater curtains to the wooden pews used for seating. His son, Michael Grasso, was just starting a career in magic at the time, which recently culminated in a top-10 appearance on America’s Got Talent in 2010.

103 Callowhill St