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What to Buy the Fashionista in Your Life

Nov 7, 2014
What to Buy the Fashionista in Your LifeFashionista. Beauty junkie. Clotheshorse. There are as many names for the trendsetters in our lives as there are clothing and products that they use to express their style—which makes dreaming up the perfect gift a challenge. Even if you know your loved one’s size, taste can be a hard thing to mimic. And what was trendy around Thanksgiving might be a fashion faux pas by the time New Year’s rolls around. But as difficult as it might seem, it’s still possible to find the perfect gift for the fashionista in your life. Below, we’ve highlighted a number of gifts that never go out of style—we like to think of them as Fashionable Gifts that Never Fail. ideel-style-shop-banner_600c137 Gifts for Her
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Makeup Brushes Cashmere Handbags
Personal Care: Instead of worrying about whether the makeup junkie in your life is a spring or an autumn, gift her a makeup-brush kit to help her better apply the cosmetics she already has. And she’ll be even more impressed when you share some brush-cleaning advice to ensure her new favorite tools last as long as possible. Pro tip: Did you know that there are exactly nine essential makeup brushes? Apparel: Cashmere sweaters have been a sought-after wardrobe staple since the 1920s, so it’s a pretty safe bet they’ll still be in vogue in 2015. Added bonus: Cashmere is totally easy to wash at home, so your generosity won’t come with an extra dry-cleaning bill for the recipient. Accessories: Help your fashionista reach style-icon status with the glamour and the power of a statement bag. Did you know? Many notable handbags are named after famous women. occasions-holiday-womens-gifts_600c66 Gifts for Him
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Shaving Gear Statement Socks Accessories
Personal Care: The first step toward a better shave? A better shaving brush. Pro tip: shaving experts prefer brushes with badger-hair bristles. Apparel: Fashionable guys have long appreciated patterned socks for their ability to add just a touch of flair to an otherwise classic suit or polished casual look. Did you know? Statement socks took the women’s runways by storm earlier this year. Accessories: Every dapper dude needs accessories, and ties, cufflinks, and watches are options that always fit and never fail. Added bonus: The one finishing touch he may not even know he needs? A pocket square. And, as it turns out, they’re pretty easy to fold. occasions-holiday-men-gifts_600c66 Gifts for Anyone
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Leather Jackets Casual Basics
A leather jacket may be the one clothing item that looks equally good on Marlon Brando, Meriwether Lewis, and Trinity from The Matrix. (If you don’t believe us, we’ve got the pictures to prove it.) No wardrobe is ever complete without the basics—think black and white T-shirts, tank tops, or even a nice pair of gloves. Think basics are boring? Check out our DIY guide to adding a personal touch to three wardrobe staples. occasions-holiday-diamonds_600c66

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