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Oil Change in Albuquerque

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Keep your vehicle rolling and give your engine a little bit of TLC by reserving an oil change in Albuquerque. Changing your oil regularly is vital to keep your car purring and your engine well-lubricated, ensuring it works at its very best and keeps you cruising along those New Mexico highways in style. Find oil changes for less and keep your car at its best with oil change deals from Groupon.


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Albuquerque Oil Change Reviews

So quick and easy, always great customer service and check everything for you. Lights, tires, show you they filled your oil, will not go anywhere else.

Valvoline Instant Oil Change

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Very nice and helpful staff. Will definitely return. Highly Recommended.


Extremely courteous, professional, timely - my appointment was at two and they got my car in at two.

Lyon Auto Spa


Oil Change Deals in Albuquerque: Frequently Asked Questions

Whether it's the first time you've taken your car in for an oil change or you're just looking for a new auto shop for a cheap oil change in Albuquerque, we've got you covered with our answers to your most frequently asked questions. If you need any more information, visit the Groupon Manual.

Where is the best place to get an oil change in Albuquerque?

There are a number of auto shops across the city to choose from – whether you want to drop by for a quick oil change while at work in Downtown, or you're looking to pair it with other services, like auto detailing, closer to home in the suburbs.

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For the best oil changes in the city, look towards established and experienced auto shops like Midas and Lyon Auto Spa. With locations across the city, they can have your oil changed and your car back on the road in no time at all.

What is a good price for a synthetic oil change in Albuquerque?

A high-quality synthetic oil change from an Albuquerque garage can cost anywhere from $30 to $50.

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Oil changes will vary in price depending on which shop you choose. It's important to note that synthetic oil is more expensive than conventional oil, but it has many benefits – especially if your vehicle is registered after 2000. Some of the advantages of synthetic oil include:

  • Lower emissions
  • Better protection
  • Fewer impurities

You'll find a range of synthetic and conventional oil change coupons at Groupon, where you can save up to 70% off the standard price.

How often should I change my car's oil?

According to our oil change guide, you should change the oil in your vehicle every three months or 3,000 miles. However, consider your vehicle's specifications.

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The age of your car or truck plays a big part in how often you should change your vehicle's oil. Modern vehicles might not need to have their oil changed that regularly, while older engines need more regular attention. Also, it can depend on where you live – as numerous states have regulations when it comes to maintaining your vehicle.

What happens if my oil change is overdue?

If you delay your oil change, you can seriously damage your vehicle, as the engine's moving parts will not be lubricated enough. This can cause rubbing and friction, which can lead to serious engine damage.

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The longer oil is used, the more it breaks down. Once this has happened, it will stop protecting moving parts – causing unnecessary wear on your vehicle, which can be permanent. A delayed oil change can also cause your vehicle to overheat and run less efficiently.

Experts recommend that you have your oil changed at least every three months to ensure your engine keeps working at its very best.


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