Anchorage is known for its remote location and independent spirit, but that doesn't mean the residents don't need the chance to relax on occasion. When the extreme temperatures and long, harsh winters get to be overwhelming, a visit to an Anchorage day spa can provide a warm, welcoming break. Sometimes, a soothing massage or a fresh new haircut can break up the long, grey months and provide a new outlook.

The harsh winds and icy weather that blanket Anchorage for much of the year can take their toll on residents' hair. When dry hair and split ends need to be repaired, the stylists at Anchorage hair salons provide friendly, expert service. At Fringe Hair Design, the staff members are professional and offer free consultations with each cut and color, so customers can rest assured that they are choosing the best style for their skin tone and face shape. The atmosphere is cheerful and lacks pretension.

For people who need extra help and advice with their hair, many salons in Anchorage offer personalized service so customers can recreate the style at home. At Marie's Beauty Salon & Supply, the stylists are knowledgeable and happy to give advice. For customers who don't know what they want or who are baffled by the array of products, the staff is always willing to go the extra mile. Their wide selection of products ensures that there is something for everyone.

Anchorage residents pursue a wide range of outdoor activities, which can result in muscle tension. The therapists at Anchorage massage businesses are experienced in handling standard aches and paints and activity-specific soreness. At Embody, customers can choose from massages designed to target specific ailments, from sports massage to injury and rehabilitation massage. Embody also provides intake forms online, so customers can print them out and save time at the appointment.

Whether it is a hair touch-up or a quick massage, a visit to an Anchorage day spa can provide a break from the daily grind.

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