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  • Fitness First Health Clubs
    CEO Peter Harvey believes that a quality gym staff must demonstrate more than technical expertise. "Service doesn't only mean showing someone how to do an arm curl," he says. Certified personal trainers develop workouts that zero in on each person?s specific goals, giving clients the skills to pole-vault over impassable plateaus. By steadfastly refusing to hand out fish in favor of putting on master classes in fishing, they help clients become self-sufficient, educating them on fundamentals. During these one-on-one sessions, and in solo workouts, guests set calories ablaze atop rows of continually updated equipment. Treadmills, recumbent bikes, and strength-training tools line the walls. Members can also drop in for as many group classes as they can muster. Inside a separate studio, stationary cycles whir in time with galvanizing music, kickboxing strikes arc through the air, and barbells rise with each BodyPump rep. For more meditative practices, Pilates sessions and several types of yoga enhance flexibility and focus.
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    14348 Layhill Rd.
    Layhill, MD US
  • GolfTec DC
    GolfTEC's swing-improving methods claim a 95% success rate from more than 200,000 clients. During one of the center's most popular services, resident experts conduct a comprehensive swing analysis, pinpointing swing flaws and testing your tolerance for mid-swing tickling. The 30-minute evaluation employs video, motion measurement, and computers that have sworn allegiance to the Three Laws of golfing robotics to eliminate human errors. After the analysis, a PGA-certified coach will create a personal improvement plan to tweak each step of your orb attack, providing a step-by-step guide to walking the hazardous path to better golf.
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    5056 Nicholson Lane
    North Bethesda, MD US
  • Georgetown Preparatory School
    Sports International's football clinics make MVPs of 7- to 18-year-olds in an intensive, small-group setting with instruction from college and high school coaching staff. The Steve Slaton two-day camp, running July 10?11 in Sugar Land, gives potential pigskin purveyors a comprehensive crash course in offensive and defensive skills from renowned Texans running back Steve Slaton, talented high-school coaches, and a mob of disgruntled footballs. Working in groups no larger than 10, nascent Heisman candidates perform many of the same drills taught by the Texans' coaching staff. Attendees receive a free camp T-shirt and souvenir autograph football but must provide, rent, or manufacture their own playing gear.
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    10900 Rockville Pike
    North Bethesda, MD US
  • Amazing Art Studio
    Since its founding in a small Gaithersburg, MD warehouse, Amazing Art Studio has taught others the basics of visual art and empowered them to explore various art forms on their own. The studio hosts open sessions that allow burgeoning artists to freely explore different creative and hands-on mediums. During pottery painting sessions, participant can explore techniques for decorating bisque with glaze, while painting classes transform blank canvases into still-lifes and landscapes. Glass-fusing and mosaic sessions, meanwhile, let students freely combine pieces of colored glass into wild geometric and organic designs. The studio also organizes camps and programs for children, and after-hours adult workshops that encourage pairing art with beverages. Throughout the day, books and pictures are always on-hand to jump-start creative thinking.
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    5268 Nicholson Lane
    North Bethesda, MD US
  • Abe Ballroom Dancing
    The instructors at Abe Ballroom Dancing want the world of dance to be accessible to everyone. That’s why they have dance classes for those of all ages, no matter their skill level or previous experience. Dances include ballroom, waltz, cha cha, samba, and West Coast swing. They even have a class to prep soon-to-be newlyweds for their first dance.
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    PO Box 506 Strathmore avenue
    Garrett Park, MD US
  • NS Productions
    Classic Albums Live reanimates the long-playing, pre-shuffle heyday of music in meticulous live recreations of the world?s most beloved rock albums. Casting aside stage gimmickry and impersonations but retaining the album's eerie resonances with Meet Me in St. Louis, a band of seasoned rock pros rebuilds every single note, intonation, and otherworldly vocal phrasing of Pink Floyd?s Dark Side of The Moon. Starting with ?Speak to Me,? the performers surge onward through ?The Great Gig in the Sky? before turning their instruments upside down to launch into ?Money? and the rest of Side B.
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    5301 Tuckerman Ln.
    North Bethesda, MD US

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