Restaurants in Washington, D. C.

At only 61 square miles, Washington DC may be small in size, but enormous in terms of national importance. In addition to the city’s overall reputation, Washington DC restaurants are also some of the most respected in the country. Whether you’re in the mood for something specific or you want to check all of Barack Obama’s favorite spots off your list, allow us to guide you through the best restaurants and food delivery options in Washington DC.

Most Iconic D.C. Dish

Half Smoke Sausage, at Halfsmoke

651 Florida Ave. NW | LeDroit Park


Invented around the 1930s, the half smoke is Washington’s signature sausage. It’s like a hot dog, but meatier, spicier, and cheesier. Although the town still can’t decide on where the “half” name comes from, most attribute it to the dish’s makeup, which is half beef, half pork; a combination that results in that grilled, smoky flavor. The traditional recipe is served on a soft, white bun and topped with onions, cheese, and chili. But nowadays, you can find more adventurous takes on the delicacy. Halfsmoke’s menu includes both, along with many other delightful appetizers, mains, and drinks.

Editor’s Picks for Pizza in Washington, DC


Washington (like all the other cities that aren’t Chicago or NYC) doesn’t think that only one style of pizza is king. D.C. restaurants offer up plenty of delicious slices that will cater to your food mood. Here are some of the best pizzerias in D.C.


  • Joe's Place ($). Founded by a Sicilian immigrant in the '70s, Joe’s has that authentic, rectangular ‘za with the thick crust. The House specialty pie comes topped with a just-right proportion of pepperoni, sausage, mushrooms, and black olives. And the price is right, too, starting at just $9.
  • 2Amy’s ($$). This D.C. staple has been serving up visibly scorched, wood-fired, Neapolitan pies for nearly two decades. The customers are fiercely loyal, which speaks volume to both Joe’s food and service.
  • Pi Pizzeria ($$). This joint is known for its uniquely delicious recipes, in particular, a fan-favorite cornmeal deep-dish pizza. It’s also known as Barack Obama’s supposed favorite pizza place in the city, which is certainly something to keep in mind.

Duccini’s ($). Two words: jumbo slices. At Duccini’s, you can get a slice is big as your head, for cheap. And they’re open late.

Best Mexican Food in Washington


Forget the fancy toppings and expensive price tags. Here’s some of the best Mexican food in Washington that is both delicious and affordable.


Julia's Empanadas

Multiple Locations
What to order: Chilean empanadas with ground beef, onions, and raisins

Price point: only $5


Sibarita Restaurant

2716 Washington Boulevard

What to order: silpancho (meat and potatoes) or Bolivian-style fried chicken

Price point: under $20 with a deal

Best Latin American Food

Taqueria Distrito Federal
805 Kennedy Street NW

What to order: steak tacos, horchata and tamarindo

Price point: free delivery and $9.80 for 3 tacos, drink, and dessert of the day

Best American Restaurants in DC

Best Wings


What: Mombo Wings
Where: Wingos
Why: extra-crispy wing and smothered in a sweet heat sauce

Best Cheap Meal

What: Chili Dog
Where: Ben's Chili Bowl
Why: all-beef frank topped with mustard, onions, and spicy homemade chili

Best Cheap Burger in DC


What: Classic Cali Double

Where: CaliBurger

Why: complements well with the special fries topped with melted cheese, grilled sweet onions, and the signature sauce