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Things To Do In Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge is the home to Louisiana State University and the capital of the state. But this city is more than just a college town — it has memorable landmarks, restaurants, and places to discover.  The city’s friendliness and abundant deals show that Baton Rouge takes Southern hospitality very seriously. Whether you’re here for a vacation or you’re just passing through, spend some time getting to know this Southern city.

As the second largest city in Louisiana, Baton Rouge has activities to do for everyone. Start by getting to know the city with its history, culture, and food.

The best attractions near Baton Rouge include:

  • Learn about state history at Louisiana’s Old State Capitol
  • Visit the Shaw Center for the Arts for their exquisite artwork and entertaining performances
  • Visit Highland Road Park Observatory, an astronomical area operated by Louisiana State University’s astronomical department
  • Eat at some of the best spots the city has to offer with the Baton Rouge Food Tour
  • Discover more about Louisiana at Capitol Park Museum

If you’re trying to stay within budget or find a deal, Baton Rouge has enough sights and landmarks to keep your time busy and your itinerary full. Explore the popular district or finding comfort food in the South.  

Cheap activities near Baton Rouge include:

  • Experience Baton Rouge up close and personal by visiting downtown Baton Rouge
  • Get a free tour of where the former governor’s of Louisiana lived at The Old Governor’s Mansion
  • Get a glimpse of several beautiful statues and gardens at the Burden Museum and Gardens
  • Order pepperoni pizza at at Fleur de Lis Pizza
  • Learn about Cajun food and history at Vermilionville

As a city filled with history and cultural landmarks, Baton Rouge has many historic attractions worth visiting. When creating your Baton Rouge to-see list, ensure that you include a few of the activities listed below.

Popular attractions near Baton Rouge include:

  • Partake in the Red Stick Adventures to experience every hotspot in Baton Rouge
  • Check out the unusual design of St. Joseph’s Cathedral
  • Find over 30 historical building from the 18th-19th century at the LSU Rural Life Museum
  • Visit one of the NCAA’s most elite football teams at LSU Tiger Stadium
  • Observe more than 2 million different specimens, objects, and artifacts at the Louisiana Museum of Natural History

If you’re on a Louisiana vacation, it’s one of the best opportunities to try something new. There’s no time like the present — start exploring today with one of the following things to do in Baton Rouge.

Exciting activities happening near Baton Rouge today include:

  • Alex Box Stadium, home of the LSU Tigers baseball team
  • Pretend you’re a naval officer by getting a tour of the USS Kidd, an enormous ship used back in 1943
  • Explore the historic Pentagon Barracks
  • Take home some of Baton Rouge’s local produce at Red Stick Farmers Market
  • Feast on some slow cooked meats over at City Pork

As the home of LSU, Baton Rouge has plenty of things to do at night to keep the party going. Paint the town red at a brewery, casino, and more.

Nighttime activities near Baton Rouge include:

  • Grab a cold beer at Tin Roof Brewery
  • Test your luck at Argosy Casino
  • Put on your cowboy hat and drink the night away at the Texas Club
  • Whether you want to bowl competitively or casually, Circle Bowl is the place for you
  • Drink whiskey while enjoying the unique setup of the Hayride Scandal

If you’re in town for a weekend, Baton Rouge has a lot to show you. Try taking a day trip just out of town or spend your evening playing pool at Clicks.

Weekend activities near Baton Rouge include:

  • Take on as many roller coasters as you can at Dixie Landin’
  • Head on over to Clicks, where you can play plenty of pool
  • Check out the captivating planetarium at the Louisiana Art and Science Museum
  • Have some fun at Walk-On’s, where you can have a drink while playing a variety of games
  • Kick back in a recliner and watch a movie of your choice at Movie Tavern

Rain or shine, one thing is clear — there’s plenty of things to do in Baton Rouge with kids. Plus, the college students in Baton Rouge ensure that there’s something for all ages.

Family-Friendly attractions near Baton Rouge include:

  • Be accompanied by wildlife at The Baton Rouge Zoo
  • Let your kids explore Area 51
  • Visit one of the only museum’s your kid will ever enjoy, the Knock Knock Children’s Museum
  • Meet LSU’s beloved mascot at the Mike the Tiger Habitat
  • Splash into the fun at Blue Bayou Water Park

Whether it’s a first date or a long-time love, the date spots in Baton Rouge will have everyone feeling romantic. Go out for coffee or even take a culinary class together.

Date night ideas near Baton Rouge include:

  • Feel like your in Paris by eating at Bistro Byronz
  • Get a stunning view of the bayou at Atchafalaya Basin Bridge
  • Cozy up and watch the sunset over at the Riverfront Plaza
  • Relax on the grass at Arsenal Park
  • Practice you cooking skills as a team at Red Stick Spice Company

If you’re with your wedding party, your bachelor party, or even your co-workers, you’re in luck. There’s many group activities to choose from in Baton Rouge.  

Things to do with your friends near Baton Rouge include:

  • Win it all at L’Auberge Casino and Hotel
  • Become a speed demon by hitting the track at RockStar Racing
  • Paint like Picasso at Painting Like a Twist
  • Go on an underwater tour with the Bayou St. John Submarine
  • Check out a military base from the year 1810 at the Pentagon Barracks

If you want to stay indoors, Baton Rouge has enough things to do to keep you busy. Try spending time at the library, the spa, or even an art museum.  

Things to do indoors near Baton Rouge include:

  • Spend your evening reading a novel at East Baton Rouge Parish Library
  • Release every ounce of stress you have at The Retreat Spa
  • Marvel the artwork at the LSU Museum of Art
  • Enjoy the casual atmosphere at Chelsea’s Cafe
  • Go shopping at The Louisiana Mall

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy that there’s plenty of green spaces, nature centers, and forestry to explore in Baton Rouge. The things to do are as therapeutic as they are active — go for a much-needed walk through the trees or enjoy the campgrounds for yourself.

Outdoor activities in Baton Rouge include:

  • Go camping at the Bluebonnet Swamp Nature Center
  • Travel on a narrow walking bridge throughout a life filled forest at the AgCenter Botanic Gardens
  • Enjoy the scenery as you walk around Arsenal Park
  • Spend the day skipping rocks across the beautiful University Lake
  • The LSU Hilltop Arboretum provides a comforting setting surrounded by nature

Just like Baton Rouge, its activities and things to do fly under the radar. The city offers libraries, hidden coffee shops, and even live tigers.

Must-see places near Baton Rouge include:

  • Use the world’s largest precision instrument at LIGO Livingston Library
  • Zip across the bayou on New Orleans Airboat Ride
  • Visit the on-campus habitat to LSU’s live mascot, Mike the Tiger
  • Visit Highland Coffee, the ideal place to study for LSU students
  • Eat dinner while listening to jazz on the Steamboat Natchez