Chicago Invisalign providers offer a subtle solution for off-kilter grins. From North Pier Dental Associates in River East to Lake Zurich’s Diamond Dental Service to Molis Dental in South Holland, Indiana, orthodontists are giving patients another way to straighter teeth. Over the course of 6–24 months, Invisalign patients will wear a series of clear plastic aligners to gently coax their incisors into a better place. Every treatment is different, but here’s a likely timeline you could expect. Month One Before anything else can happen, you’ll need to be assessed by an orthodontist to find out if you are a good candidate for treatment. After taking digital and physical impressions of your mouth, the doc will be able to estimate the Invisalign cost, how long your treatment will take, and any additional services you will require. A week or two later, you’ll get your first set of aligners. Month Two By now you’ve been wearing the clear aligners for a few weeks. About every two weeks or so, you’ll receive a new pair to help guide your teeth into an even straighter position. Much of the initial discomfort should be fading away, but as you grow more accustomed to wearing the plastic tooth sleeves, make sure you’re still remembering to take them out to eat and brush your teeth. Month Three Not much new is happening now. You’re wearing the aligners 20–22 hours a day, and trying to figure out if every new person you meet can tell you’re wearing Invisalign. You probably have a check-in with your orthodontist scheduled soon. Month Four By month four, your doctor may decide it’s time to supplement the Invisalign treatment with other orthodontic services, if necessary. This is also about the time you should stop making fun of your braces-wearing friends for not being able to eat popcorn or bite into an apple. It’s getting old. Month Five You may be seeing some real progress by this point in your treatment, as your seventh and eighth sets of aligners shift your teeth into a more photogenic position. Month Six You begin to wonder how your teeth used to occupy themselves before they spent 20–22 hours a day getting themselves in order. Month Seven By month seven, you’ve done pretty much everything you’re going to do over the course of your treatment. The six-week check-ins are second nature to you. You know exactly how much longer you’ll be wearing your Invisalign retainers. You’re no longer worried about your old aligners gossiping to the orthodontist. You’ve got this covered. Now it’s just a matter of riding out the rest of the treatment. Post-Treatment Some final refinements may be necessary even if your teeth fit into the final alignment trays. This is accomplished using specialized trays that make much finer and more precise touch-ups. Besides this final-final step, the biggest adjustment you’ll make is getting used to closing your mouth all the way again.
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