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  • Waldman Schantz Plastic Surgery
    At Skin Chic, Dr. Waldman, Dr. Schantz, and Dr. Nimtz perform elective surgeries ranging from face-lifts to liposuction. They also lead a team of aesthetic specialists that improves appearances with less invasive strategies, such as facial peels and alerting clients to mustard on their collars. Lasers can be enlisted for a myriad of reasons, including tightening skin and fading unwanted tattoos.
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    125 E Maxwell St
    Lexington, KY US
  • Susan Neil
    A fellow of the American Society for Laser Medicine, Dr. Susan E. Neil harnesses her medical training and powerful lasers to deforest epidermises. The IPL hair-removal system emits light in a wider range of wavelengths than most lasers, giving Dr. Neil the leeway to customize treatments based on skin type. Defuzz upper lips, chins, or underarms ($450) or ready bikini lines for beach parties or Nobel Prize? acceptance speeches ($650). Depending on the amount of hair and the strength of force fields around the patient, the treatment can vary in length.
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    2101 Nicholasville Road
    Lexington, KY US
  • Menage A Spa
    A medical facility dedicated to restoring skin to its youthful vibrancy, Menage-a-Spa treats clients under the guidance of the State of Ohio Medical Boards while keeping all procedures confidential. A board-certified staff of doctors, nurses, and dermatological experts reignites complexions until they glow with renewed radiance. Eradicate unwanted guest appearances by pores, blackheads, and shallow acne scars with a noninvasive microdermabrasion treatment that exfoliates and suctions up debris better than a diamond-tipped wet-vac, leaving faces looking younger and refreshed.
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    8046 Ohio River Rd
    Wheelersburg, OH US
  • Alexander Digenis, MD and Brian Thornton, MD
    At Digenis Plastic Surgery Institute, Alexander Digenis, MD, uses his wealth of knowledge in cosmetic and reconstructive surgery to perform advanced aesthetic procedures to enhance the skin, face, breasts, and body. An experienced staff assists him though these procedures. Chief among this staff is aesthetician Jessica Burnett, whose skincare services include laser hair removal, resurfacing chemical peels, and IPL laser treatments that zap away blemishes and spaceships double-parked outside the clinic.
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    315 E. Broadway Suite 111
    Louisville, KY US
  • Aubrey Medical LipoLaser and Massage
    Aubrey Medical employs the noninvasive Lapex BCS LipoLaser to help patients refine their figures with minimal discomfort. Their trained laser technicians focus beams at waistlines, abdomens, arms, and sticks of butter to lower their fat content, often shedding as many as 6 overall inches over the course of nine treatments, result may vary from person to person. Meanwhile, a complement of other services, including massage and microcurrent facial sculpting, help maintain synchronicity between feelings and appearances of youthfulness.
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    7410 New La Grange Rd
    Louisville, KY US
  • Monarch Health
    Beyond its rust-and-silver-hued metal sign, Monarch Health's patients meet with Dr. Deborah Cole-Sedivy and her certified nurse practitioner. In the cosmetic-therapy center, a trio of LightSheer Duet lasers scours skin's excess fuzz. The Medical staff bustles to and fro, working to personalize aesthetic services, such as facials and chemical peels, and families mosey into appointments for health surveys, physical examinations, and diet-and-lifestyle assessments. Therapists augment many treatment plans with natural foods and herbal supplements, which use Mother Earth's bounty to boost health without the dangers of bench-pressing a seemingly lonely bear cub.
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    3260 Henderson Rd, Ste 100
    Columbus, OH US