Things To Do With Kids in Cincinnati

Baby, if you’ve ever wondered. Wondered… just what the heck to do with kids in Cincinnati? Fortunately, Cincy is home to tons of great kid-friendly attractions, including world-class zoos, excellent kids museums, and thrilling amusement parks and waterparks. Of course, with so many Cincinnati kids activities to choose from, it can be hard to decide how best to spend your time. So we did the hard work for you! When planning your day, start by checking out some of our best deals on things to do in Cincinnati with kids.

Best Zoo in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical Gardens

The Cincinnati Zoo isn’t just one of the best zoos in America, it’s also one of the oldest. The zoo first opened its doors in 1875, and many of its buildings are considered historic landmarks. But while parents may revel in the zoo’s historical significance, kids are more likely to be dazzled by the awesome interactive exhibits. Here are a few you won’t want to miss:

  • Giraffe Feeding. Do you know the color of a giraffe’s tongue? Kids who stop by this exhibit between 9:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m. do, since they get to feed pieces of lettuce to the zoo’s long-necked inhabitants.
  • Hippo Cove. Kids and parents get a rare opportunity to watch hippos swim from an underwater viewing area!
  • 4-D Special Effects Theater. Short films teach viewers about some of the zoo’s animals, and feature multisensory effects such as wind and smells (yes, smells!), to make kids feel like they’re in the creatures’ own habitats.

Best Amusement Park in Cincinnati

Kings Island

Choosing the best amusement park in Cincinnati is tough, especially since they all seem to be home to a number of record-breaking roller coasters. So why did we choose Kings Island as our favorite? One word: Banshee. At more than 4,000 feet, it’s the world’s longest inverted roller coaster and boasts seven inversions, including two vertical loops, a zero-g roll, and a pretzel knot. Visiting with younger kids? Don’t worry—the park also boasts plenty of attractions for non-daredevils, including a beautiful antique wooden carousel and an entire Planet Snoopy play area.

Best Aquarium in Cincinnati

Newport Aquarium

Okay, okay. Technically, the Newport Aquarium is located just across the river in Newport, KY, but considering you can see Paul Brown stadium from its doorstep, we’ll let The Queen City take credit for this awesome aquatic institution. Here are a few exhibits you’ll want to be sure to hit during your visit:

Ring of Fire: World of the Octopus. Brand new this year, this exhibit lets visitors explore the habitat of the color-changing Giant Pacific octopus and the other creatures that share its home, including moon jellyfish and Japanese spider crabs.

Gator Alley. This exhibit is home to two rare, white American alligators, as well as Mighty Mike, the aquarium’s most famous resident, and the largest American alligator outside of Florida.

Shark Bridge. Not for the faint of heart! Visitors have the rare opportunity to walk a narrow suspension bridge that hovers over the aquarium’s shark tank, putting them just inches from the monsters of the deep.

Best Kid-Friendly Restaurant in Cincinnati

Graeter’s Ice Cream

Think you can’t get your kids to enjoy fine French cuisine? Think again. Graeter’s ice cream crafters make all their delectable flavors using an old-fashioned French pot method, and have since they opened their doors in 1870. The process must be working, since many (including Oprah Winfrey!) have called Graeter’s the best ice cream they’ve ever had. Be sure to try the black raspberry chocolate chip, which is the company’s signature (and most popular) flavor.

Favorite Arcade in Cincinnati


Instead of relying on a supply of tokens (which always seems to run out pretty quickly), the arcade games at Gameworks are activated by play cards, which allow you to access as many games as you can in hour-long increments. Kids will love the newer games, while parents will enjoy getting to play old standbys like Pac-Man and pinball. But the reason we really love Gameworks is its better-than-average concessions menu. Where else can you enjoy a smoothie or a plate of fettuccine alfredo between rounds of Guitar Hero.

Favorite Outdoor Activity for Kids in Cincinnati

EarthJoy Tree Adventures

A lot of parents spend time trying to stop their kids from climbing trees, but not at EarthJoy. Here, kids and adults learn how to climb safely using harness and belay ropes, and do so under the direction of a skilled climbing instructor. Once safely in the canopy of branches, they’ll also have the opportunity to rest in hammocks or swing in tree swings. But it’s not all fun—the exercises are also a great way to teach kids how to work in a team. Just don’t be surprised if they start begging for a tree house once you get home!