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  • Miramar Podiatry and Surgery
    Don't let your maladies continue. See the professionals at Miramar Podiatry and Surgery in Miramar. Keep your health in tip-top shape with a medical treatment from Miramar Podiatry and Surgery, such as medical checkups. So when you need medical attention in a flash, Miramar Podiatry and Surgery is here to assist you.
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    8910 Miramar Pkwy
    Miramar, FL US
  • Palmetto Podiatry Institute
    When you need medical assistance, Palmetto Podiatry Institute in Hialeah is readily available to attend to your symptoms. Nip your medical symptoms in the bud with a professional treatment from Palmetto Podiatry Institute, such as medical checkups. Schedule a routine check-up with a doctor at Palmetto Podiatry Institute and keep your body healthy.
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    7150 W 20th Ave
    Hialeah, FL US
  • Paradigm Podiatry
    The Arch of the Foot: Stay Supportive Replacing or repairing worn-out shoes is one way to protect your arches. Read on to learn why it’s important to take care of your foot bridges. According to the American Podiatric Medical Association, the average person takes between 8,000 and 10,000 steps a day. Over the course of a lifetime, in some estimates, that amounts to four trips around the earth. Each of those roughly 115,000 miles puts immense pressure on the arches of your feet, making it vital to maintain even arch support. Unsupported arches can cause the feet to rotate in or out as you walk, knocking knees and hips out of alignment and putting unnecessary pressure on the shins, thighs, pelvis, and back. Proper arch support keeps the foot's relatively weak muscles from over-extending, preventing fatigue and absorbing the constant shock. When selecting a shoe, arch support should be a chief concern, especially if you have a job that requires standing for hours at a time, such as a waiter or statue. But because arch height varies from person to person and often changes—when you're pregnant, for instance—finding supportive shoes can be difficult. Over-the-counter shoe inserts and custom-made orthotics can help, and skilled cobblers can reshape shoes to add more support or cushioning. On the same note, much of the blame for uneven arches often lies in normal wear and tear, which can be remedied with another cobbling specialty: the addition of new heels or soles.
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    1791 NW 123rd Ave.
    Pembroke Pines, FL US
  • George Schwenck
    In addition to serving their entire community, Dr. Jonathan M. Tuman and his staff at Bay Harbor Complete Dentistry specialize in providing dental services and facial rejuvenation. That includes general services such as checkups, restorative procedures such as implants and veneers, and cosmetic treatments such as Zoom! teeth whitening, which helps the Tooth Fairy find your pearly whites in the dark. To help patients feel at ease during the appointments, Dr. Tuman can administer several different types of anesthesia, including IV sedation. Moving away from the teeth and gums, Bay Harbor's staffers can also help diminish the appearance of wrinkles with Botox injections and Ultherapy.
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    1111 Kane Concourse
    Bay Harbor Islands, FL US
  • Gary L Curson Dpm PA
    Gary L Curson Dpm PA in Miami Beach provides high-quality medical treatments to ensure you receive the best medical treatment possible. This clinic has all the beauty services you need, all available by appointment. The next time you're not feeling well, remember that Gary L Curson Dpm PA is ready to help you get back to 100%.
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    9528 Harding Ave
    Miami Beach, FL US
  • Premier Foot and Ankle Clinic
    Dr. Courtney Watkins and Dr. Jean-Jacques Kassis, the podiatrists at Premier Foot and Ankle Clinic, both honed their skills at the Miami Veterans Affairs Medical Center, where they treated diabetic foot issues, an array of ankle injuries, and a slew of other lower-body boo-boos. In their North Miami Beach practice, they tackle everything from regular checkups to complicated foot surgeries and work to prevent injuries with custom-molded orthotics that slip discreetly into shoes or bunny slippers. They also address common dermal conditions, such as plantar warts, ulcers, corns, and calluses.
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    18525 West Dixie Highway
    North Miami Beach, FL US

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