In Los Angeles, laser hair removal helps keep residents maintain their smooth, bathing-suit-ready physiques by reducing the appearance of unwanted fuzz. Before taking part in any treatments, however, it’s important to learn some basics about body hair and laser hair removal. FollicleThe follicle is the part of the skin that anchors an individual shaft of hair. Each follicle consists of a sebaceous gland, which secretes oil (sebum) to condition the hair and skin, and a few nerve endings at the base, which act as sensitive-touch receptors. Growth CyclesDuring the initial phase of the hair-growth cycle, anagen, strands grow up to 0.2 mm each day. This is followed by a catagen growing phase, which lasts two to three weeks, then a telogen phase, when hair stops growing. The catch? Individual follicles may be at different stages of the cycle at any given time. DepilationDepilation is the removal of hair from above the skin, usually via shaving or depilation creams, which evolved in the 1930s from formulas used to remove hair from cattle hides. EpilationEpilation is the removal of hair from the root. Common methods include tweezing, waxing, laser hair removal, and stapling a tiny eviction notice to every follicle. Laser Hair-Removal CostIn 2013, the American Society of Plastic Surgeons reported that the national average cost of laser hair removal is $301 per session. That amount can vary and depends on factors such as the surgeon, location, and body part. Your health-insurance company may not cover the procedures, which also affects laser hair-removal prices.Permanence Is laser hair removal permanent? No, though it can signficantly reduce unwanted hair. Multiple treatments are required to slow the hair’s growth.
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