Located in central Florida, Deltona is a small city that packs several interesting ways to spend an idle day or lazy evening. A good Deltona guide would include a stroll through the local wildlife reserve or a movie at the theater. These activities and others are easy to locate and participant in throughout the city. A trip to the Keysville Dog Park includes the family pet in the activity. It is one of few things to do in Deltona with pets. The 14-acre park has fenced areas to keep small dogs and larger ones protected from one another. The park also includes plenty of spaces for humans, such as the playground, pavilion and picnic areas. The park hosts the annual Wags and Whiskers festival that is for pets and their owners. Every guide to Deltona and the surrounding areas includes the Lyonia Preserve and Environmental Center. The 360-acre natural attraction consists of Florida scrub, which is home to thousands of plant and animal species. The living things inside the preserve are protected, but can be observed during a tour through the preserve. This attraction is one of Deltona's best deals because it is free to the public. If a walk through the preserve isn't enough to capture the attention, the premises also include a library, amphitheater and environmental center. The Deltona Regional Library and Lyonia Environmental Center are located close to one another. There is no need to traverse the scrubland to find them. The amphitheater on the premises seats over 1,000 people. It is used to hold several events throughout the year. Oftentimes, a good movie is all that is needed to relax or wile away a slow day. Take in a movie at the Epic Theater of West Volusia. The theater shows new release films and independent features. A few times a year, the theater also hosts the Epic Art Film Series for anyone interested in vanguard cinema. Of the things to do in Deltona, catching a movie at the Epic is one of the most popular. There is no need to sit at home on an idle day in Deltona. Act like a Deltona guide and explore everything that the city has to offer.

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