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  • Nanak Car Wash
    When cars visit Nanak Car Wash, the doors and wheels are cleaned with products and tools that are kind to the environment as well as the automobile’s delicate surfaces. Nanak Car Wash’s four exterior car-wash packages all include free vacuuming to suck up the debris left from the last time the Sandman hitched a ride home. Detailing packages extract dirt and grime from interior and exterior crevices. While they wait, customers relax in a comfortable lounge with television and wireless internet access.
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    6600 Finch Avenue West
    Etobicoke, ON CA
  • Bestway for Imports
    Signature service: Automotive repair Established: 1981 Reservations/Appointments: Recommended Staff Size: 2?10 people Average Duration of Services: 30?60 minutes
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    1660 Weston Rd
    Toronto, ON CA
  • Divine Shine Auto Detailing
    At Divine Shine Auto Detailing, technicians spruce up automobiles with cloths, purifying soaps, and the gently cleansing tears of doves. Each cleaning service covers everything inside and out, leaving no surface unpolished, no rug unshampooed, and no to-do-list item unchecked. In addition to clearing out cluttered interiors and shielding paint jobs with layers of wax, technicians block harmful UV rays with auto tinting film, undo dings with paintless dent removal, and restore headlights.
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    3105 Unity Dr
    Mississauga, ON CA
  • PRO Detailing
    Pro Detailing wants your car to look as shiny as it did the day it somersaulted off the assembly line. Its techs scour away dirt inside and out using pressure washers, engine shampoo, and high-power vacuums, restoring vehicles' shine with gloss-reviving wax. Pro Detailing offers three distinct packages, which range from a standard cleaning for cars that have taken on mud and rain, to super packages, which use 3M's two-stage wax, window cleaning, and interior detailing to rid every speck, stain, and crumb from upholstery, dashboards, and headliners.
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    500 Mathison Rd.
    Mississauga, ON CA
  • Royal Auto Detailing
    The technicians at Royal Auto Detailing spruce up cars, trucks, and SUVs both inside and out. Eschewing automated systems, they wash exteriors and clean windows by hand, as well as perform other services, such as polishing chrome or dressing tires. They can also turn their attention to interiors and shampoo all the carpets and mats. If vehicles require a more permanent makeover, the staff can repair small dents and tint windows to protect drivers from UV rays and rage-filled glances from jealous horse-and-buggy riders.
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    1765 Shawson Drive
    Mississauga, ON CA
  • Tint City
    For more than 20 years, the professional technicians at Tint City have been installing window films that add style, but also provide protection from glare, heat, and potential thieves. But that's not the only way they upgrade rides?from their two locations, they also install sound systems and security features such as alarms. And, they can also equip cars with remote starters, which allow drivers to get their cars running from the kitchen or the comfort of their race-car bed.
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    7385 Torbram Rd
    Mississauga, ON CA

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