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  • Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa facet_type_id: 7c4c1120-5f38-1032-9f57-e35702856e8a html_text: |- When one of the cofounders of Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa was diagnosed with cancer in her 30s, her doctor put her on the most aggressive chemo and radiation therapies available. As her immune system fought the cancer, her body absorbed the side effects. A longtime friend recommended acupuncture to counteract the suffering; though she was initially skeptical of the holistic procedure, she agreed to give it a try. After just one appointment, she felt her senses awaken. Further treatments permanently changed the way she looked at health care, making her feel like a brand-new person and convincing her to share her discoveries with as many people as she could. At Easy Balance Wellness Center and Spa, she does just that, combining venerated Eastern wisdom with professional spa products to deliver healing massages and rejuvenating facials. Within earth-toned treatment rooms draped with russet curtains, massage therapists ease muscle tension and redirect chi—the energy that regulates the body’s functions and suppresses its natural appetite for hangnails—with focused acupressure techniques. Thalgo facials employ marine botanicals, such as regenerative algae, to nourish and hydrate complexions.
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    340 Main St.
    Gaithersburg, MD US
  • My Red Bow
    facet: Main type: Traditional locale: en_US title: My Red Bow facet_type_id: d77f3c20-5f38-1032-bd93-7e6be174e2ea html_text: What was once a boarding house for U.S. senators is now a full-service spa, which relies on the same rustic charms those early 1900s politicians enjoyed to keep patrons relaxed. Vast windows offer guests views of the wraparound porch and the well-kept gardens beyond as they relax throughout a wide range of massages and facials.
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    6816 Maryland Avenue
    Braddock Heights, MD US
  • Magic Foot Spa
    Imagine dropping a stone into a pond. Though the stone only touches a small portion of the water's surface, the effects of the impact radiate throughout the entire pool. Reflexology is based on a similar idea?as a therapist stimulates pressure points on the feet, the effects are said to affect the entire body. At Magic Foot Spa, practitioners specialize in this therapy, first soaking feet in water warmed over the blushing cheeks of an ankle-anxious Victorian before targeting pressure points that correspond with various body organs. As practitioners increase pressure on each foot, the manipulation can ease muscular tension and release energy blockages in the digestive, immune, and circulatory systems. The team also performs full-body acupressure treatments that are based on similar principles. These gentle massages work by activating the key pressure points used in acupuncture, but with fingers, palms, and elbows instead of needles. As clients lie fully clothed on a massage table, therapists focus on these points?which are believed to correspond with the body's energy channels?so that they can balance opposing energy forces and thus improve bodily function.
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    5732 Buckeystown Pike
    Frederick, MD US
  • Daisy's Salon and Body Boutique
    Submerse yourself in a full day of beauty treatments at Daisy's Salon and Body Boutique in Frederick, a memorable full-service salon. This salon's expert aestheticians are trained to provide the best and relaxing facials. Keep up with the latest and greatest hair trends at this salon, a highly-rated and fashion-forward establishment. Customize your own personal massage and leave your stress behind. This salon offers professional nail enhancements that are both fashion-forward and seasonally trendy. This savvy beauty establishment also accepts walk-in customers for every beauty service. This establishment offers guests a wide selection of payment options, including paying with a major credit card. Daisy's Salon and Body Boutique is just steps away from a parking lot. For excellent service and treatments that exceed your standards of style, visit Daisy's Salon and Body Boutique.
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    14 N East St
    Frederick, MD US
  • Belleza Hair and Nail Studio
    From hair care to nail care, Belleza Hair and Nail Studio in Frederick offers more than just basic salon services. Make your skin velvety-smooth with a relaxing facial at this salon. This salon offers the perfect mani and pedi combination to keep your nails in style. Bored with your haircut or color? Get creative with the stylists at this salon and give yourself the ultimate hair makeover. If you need one of this salon's many wonderful services, you don't want to wait. So don't, it's ready for your walk-in. Belleza Hair and Nail Studio provides you with the option to pay with cash or major credit card. Tired of driving in circles? Head to Belleza Hair and Nail Studio for a bite to eat and find quick parking in the lot next door. Beauty buffs and Plain Janes alike will go crazy for the options at Belleza Hair and Nail Studio, so don't hesitate to beautify your look today.
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    244 East Patrick Street
    Frederick, MD US
  • Gorgeous Nails
    Pamper yourself with a full spa experience from Frederick's Gorgeous Nails, a day spa that offers relaxing and customizable spa treatments. This spa offers a range of massage techniques, such as deep tissue and Swedish, to assist you with healing your body aches and pains. From French manicures to colored pedicures, this spa offers something for everyone. This spa enforces an appointment-only policy, reducing the possibility of a wait. On a budget? Check out this establishment's reasonably-priced spa services and keep your spending to a minimum. If you prefer to pay by credit card, you're in luck. This establishment accepts all major credit cards. There are many ways to relax, and Gorgeous Nails provides all of them in one place so you can take care of business quickly and easily.
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    5324 New Design Rd
    Frederick, MD US

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