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Massage in Baltimore

Need to escape from the chaos of living alongside Baltimore’s 621,000 people? Enter a private room for a massage and peaceful bliss. Massage therapy is one of the best tools to relax sore muscles, eliminate stress, and relieve chronic pain. There are more than 10 different massage types, including full body, Swedish, deep tissue, and couples. A licensed massage therapist in Baltimore can address any specific questions and needs. Explore local massage deals below to learn more.

Feeling the weight of the world on your shoulders? Reduce some of that tension with a massage. The best massage places in Baltimore create a therapeutic experience to relieve anxiety, muscle pain, and stress. Explore the categories below to browse local massage deals.
A full body massage combines Swedish and deep tissue techniques to eliminate stress and relieve chronic pain. To experience a full body massage in Baltimore, visit Metta Integrative Wellness Center, Pur Zen Massage Therapy, or Simple Wellness.
Book a couples massage for a thoughtful date night, birthday, or anniversary gift. Couples massage studios in Baltimore like Zina's Day Spa & Salon and Spa At Four Seasons offer various customizable massage packages.

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How your muscles are like a keyboard, the difference between Eastern and Western techniques, and other facts that will help you get more out of your next massage.

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Warm up to the feeling of healing during a hot stone massage in Baltimore. A hot stone massage uses sizzling basalt stones to untie knotted muscles alongside a therapist’s hands, forearms, and elbows. The Healing Path, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, and BES Natural Solutions offer some of the highest-rated local hot stone massages.

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Wondering what is a couples massage, what to expect when you get one, and how to act while you're there? We talked a massage therapist to get you the scoop.

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A deep tissue massage can help relax muscle tension, reduce muscle pain, and alleviate arthritis symptoms. Book an appointment at Sanctuary Bodyworks, Harbor Physical Therapy, or Baltimore Orthopedic Massage for a deep tissue massage in Baltimore.