When it comes to Baltimore fitness and health, residents take full advantage of all that the city has to offer to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle. Baltimore residents do not confine themselves to nearby gyms to workout in. Instead, they take advantage of the many beautiful parks and scenic routes the city has to offer. There are also plenty of alternative workout options that keep everyone fit and having fun at the same time.

For those that love to run for weight loss and staying healthy, one of the most popular running areas in the city is Druid Hill Park. This 745-acre park on the northwest side of the city has a 1.5-mile walking and running path, several bicycle paths and three exercise stations that include leg presses, pull-up bars and stair machines. It also features a basketball court, tennis court and a pool, so there is always a way to get a workout at Druid Hill Park. Other places great for working out include Falls Point and the Baltimore Harbor in the early morning.

There are other, alternative activities to stay fit and healthy in Baltimore. On any given Saturday morning, there are groups of people intensely working out at a park with a boot camp fitness organization. This military-style workout is popular for its effectiveness. Other alternative fitness activities include rowing in the Baltimore Harbor and even joining the Baltimore Kickball League.

Another important part of staying fit and healthy is finding a great doctor that can help maintain a healthy weight or recommend safe weight loss options. With two top-ranked medical schools—John Hopkins Medical School and the University of Maryland’s School of Medicine, both located within the city—there are plenty of high-quality Baltimore doctors that can help anyone achieve optimal health.

Between great workout places, activities and excellent doctors, there is no excuse not to stay healthy and fit in Baltimore.

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