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  • Lorraine Watson
    Lorraine, a certified reflexologist since 2007, approaches healthcare from the ground up, focusing on the soles of the feet to treat a range of chronic health conditions. Under the premise that nerve endings on the foot correspond to every organ and gland in the body, Lorraine applies strategic pressures to heels, toes, and arches to relieve conditions, such as stress, arthritis, and plantar fasciitis. At the start of treatment, clients sink into a zero-gravity chair while Lorraine massages the feet. Then, using her thumbs in a rapid inchworm motion, she “thumb walks” up and down the foot, clearing away toxins and painful memories of stepping on pies.
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    640 W South St.
    Freeport, IL US
  • Bronzed Image
    Bronzed Image Tanning darkens and de-blemishes human hides with an arsenal of sun-imitating technology and non-UV machines. Patrons may perk up their pigments with a full 30 days of tanning from a Level 1 bed, which effectively brown birthday suits while eschewing the scalding sands and woefully inedible jellyfish associated with the beach.
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    1832 S West Ave
    Freeport, IL US
  • Whole Body Studio
    Nestled in Green Gables Farm, Whole Body Studio and Spa nurtures holistic wellness with relaxing yoga classes and supportive personal-training sessions in a tranquil spa setting. Within the serene yoga studio, pupils fluidly glide into seated, reclined, and standing postures during stress-melting Hatha yoga as soft lighting radiates from sloped ceilings and wooden pillars maintain stoic tree poses. Students may also contact Whole Body Studio and Spa to enroll in specialized classes, such as therapeutic prenatal yoga or the Mom and Baby Yoga class, which whimsically whisks new mothers and infants through rejuvenating asanas.
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    1650 S Hance Dr
    Freeport, IL US
  • Impact Training Center
    Impact Training Center offers the finest and most comprehensive Firearms and Tactics instruction available. Our network of instructors are highly qualified and our ranges are second to none.
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    11311 South Skunk Hollow Road
    Mount Carroll, IL US
  • Computer Pros
    We are a Computer Repair, Sales and Consulting company based in a small town near Rockford, IL. We also offer our very own High Speed DSL Internet, VOIP Phone and Cell Phone Services!
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    Main St
    Pearl City, IL US
  • Sparkle Car Wash
    During the approximately 15-minute Extreme car wash, vehicles roll in for a thorough exterior scouring that frees auto-exoskeletons from accumulated dirt and debris. The comprehensive cleansing extends to the car's underbelly, safeguarding frames with a rust inhibitor that protects against corrosion. A triple-foam sealer and wax sealer then glides across the automobile's paint to infuse a glistening shine reminiscent of Mr. Clean's forehead. Visitors can do away with the straggling crumbs and dust that inhabit car interiors with complimentary vacuum usage.
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    1030 W Galena Ave
    Freeport, IL US

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