Running in Half Moon Bay

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  • Ovations Fanfare
    Run or Dye is making race running a little more colorful, one major city at a time. This 5K is divided up into four separate courses of varying lengths, each designated by a separate color?which also reflects the color of safe, eco-friendly powered dye the participants get splashed with. At the end of the race, they'll cross into the aptly named Dye Zone?a polychromatic free-for-all where fluorescent color is thrown freely from all sides, allowing runners to splash their fellow runners or get colorful revenge on their friends, family members, and any cranky art-history teachers that happen to be walking by. Unlike some races that rank runners by time, Run or Dye only measures success in color and fun. While the safe-to-eat dyes should wash out of clothing, runners are encouraged to wear things they don't mind getting dirty, preferably in white, gray, or another neutral color to give the dyes maximum visibility.
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    2495 South Delaware Street
    San Mateo, CA US
  • Team Taf 17
    Team Taf's head trainer Adam Tafralis designs personal training sessions as well as group classes and elite programs specialized for athletes of all levels. Alexa's Fit Crew sessions pair total body interval training with cardio and strength workouts, and Mike's Noon Bootcamp incinerates calories with a series of fun and intense exercises. In addition, Team Taf hosts youth training classes to instill budding athletes with fitness fundamentals and the ability to fend off junk food-peddling cartoon mascots.
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    850 East San Carlos Avenue
    San Carlos, CA US
  • NorCal CrossFit
    NorCal CrossFit in Mountain View makes working out just a little bit more enjoyable. With food just the way you like it, this gym elevates your restaurant experience just on the level of taste. Circuit training will show you results fast. Indulge in a total body workout with one of these kickboxing classes and leave feeling and looking your best. Parking is plentiful, so patrons can feel free to bring their vehicles.
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    2584 Leghorn St
    Mountain View, CA US
  • See Jane Run Sports
    When Lori Shannon first announced her intent to run a marathon, people responded with more than a hint of incredulity. Lori had no experience and, at 5’3” and a size 16, she didn’t cut the form of a typical distance runner. Even so, she set to work and completed the 1993 New York City Marathon, proving to herself that with the proper training and dedication, she need not live life as a spectator. Since crossing that first finish line, Lori has never looked back; she has since run multiple marathons, competed in triathlons, and ridden her bike cross-country. Seven years later, Lori founded See Jane Run in San Francisco, hoping to empower women to test their limitations and bolster their own fitness and self-confidence. The female-operated fitness company has since grown to encompass four West Coast locations that sell women’s running gear, including shoes, sports bras, and aerodynamic shower caps. At its four retail locations, like-minded runners come together with free weekly run clubs, giving them a group setting in which to train to meet their own individual goals or prepare for one of See Jane Run’s half marathons or 5Ks.
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    3910 24th St
    San Francisco, CA US
  • Foxhound Urban Adventures
    Foxhound Urban Adventures founder Shannon Bruzelius is an organizer. Growing up in Colorado, Shannon was always outdoors, putting together events such as epic games of hide-and-seek at night, holiday scavenger hunts, and New Year's Eve sledding festivals. When he moved to San Francisco, visiting friends and family put him in the role of designated tour guide, which naturally progressed into what is now Foxhound Urban Adventures. Jericho San Francisco is a spy adventure based on the party game Jericho, which offers locals and visitors a new way to see San Francisco neighborhoods. Players are split into two teams of up to 6 people each and charged with a specific mission, then armed with a bag of modern spy gadgets, including laser-tag gear and walkie-talkies. During the game, agents race through the city for up to 4 miles and just as many hours, sightseeing, outwitting opponents, and wasting time interrogating statues.
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    313 Post Street
    San Francisco, CA US
  • The Grapes of Rock Festival
    Typically, baseballs fly out of AT&T Park to splash into the water. This Thanksgiving, it will be runners who dart from a starting line outside the stadium to trot along the waterfront. From there, these racers—some dressed as turkeys, sleeping uncles, or other iconic Thanksgiving images—wind into the SoMa district before bending into the heart of the city and finishing at City Hall. Proceeds from the race benefit the San Francisco and Marin Food Bank, an organization dedicated to ending hunger in the community. The race organizers have completely committed to the giving nature of Thanksgiving, not just with the race's date and charitable cause but also with its route. The course is designed to showcase the work being done to help those experiencing hunger, as well as "create a visual representation of the real care being delivered by the community," as the race site states.
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    900 Beach St
    San Francisco, CA US

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