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  • Balance Fitness
    We are a small and friendly women?s gym. There are no posers, no men, nobody judging you. You can drop in anytime and start your workout right away ? no waiting. Women feel good about getting fitter, leaner and stronger. Unlike other gyms where you join and never actually go ? this one is quick, fun and it works.
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    1242 Garner Rd W
    Ancaster, ON CA
  • Complex Barbell
    Complex Barbell's coaches describe their gym as a "functional fitness facility." They conduct CrossFit?style workouts designed to improve a person's ability in multiple domains of fitness. They combine cardio, olympic lifting, gymnastics, plyometrics, and calisthenics into new workouts each day. They particularly specialize in teaching safety and proper-form, so that people can build strength, speed, and endurance with minimal risk of injury. It may seem a heroic feat for the coaches to put in this level of focus on a day-to-day basis, but as lifelong athletes, they are prepared. They actually refer to themselves as The League, adopting super-heroic nicknames such as Coach Phoenix or Coach Bane. They pursue fitness as tirelessly as their namesakes pursue enemies or a contract with the most fashion-forward cape designer.
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    1400 Plains Road East
    Burlington, ON CA
  • Xtreme Bootcamp!
    Sandra Leelook and Shauna Judar have been creating their own exercise routines since they were 17. Sandra's inspiration grew from her struggle with her weight. Now 50 pounds lighter, she continues to conquer the scale by staying active and eating nutritious food. For more than a decade, Shauna has fought her own battles in the kickboxing ring while drawing on her muay thai training and sharing her knowledge with students. After gaining personal-training certification through CanFitPro, Sandra and Shauna opened Xtreme Bootcamp, where they craft custom workouts that shock bodies into shape with strength training, cardio circuits, plyometrics, and kickboxing drills. Their refusal to do the same workout twice keeps students on their toes, and unique class packages offer commitments that range from eight weeks to one year. Each option includes a fitness assessment, nutritional support, and a schedule of classes held outdoors or inside a fully equipped gym. When they aren't molding groups of svelte soldiers for the impending donut uprising, they lead focused personal-training and small-group sessions.
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    125 Sheldon Dr
    Cambridge, ON CA
  • Xtreme Bootcamp
    To benefit from a workout, it's important to be pushed out of your comfort zone; the trainers at Xtreme Bootcamp are experts at doing just that. They design each workout to not only challenge people at almost any level of fitness but also to cull from different styles of training, such as strength, circuit, cardio, and plyometrics. Unlike climbing up and down your basement stairs backwards, each workout is different, ensuring that fitness seekers don't get stuck on a plateau without reaching their maximum potential. Patrons burn calories in boot-camp classes, build strength in HIIT classes, and build muscle in lifting classes in a gym stocked with a range of equipment, including punching bags, and free weights.
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    520 Thompson Dr., Unit 2
    Cambridge, ON CA
  • Silver Swords Armouries
    Before wars were won with guns and tanks, warriors battled hand-to-hand with swords and knives, and knights followed chivalric codes. Silver Swords Armouries' renaissance aficionados hope to teach people what it was like to be a man-at-arms during those simpler times, so they lead lessons in old-school weaponry. In a small-group setting, participants learn to properly wield swords, knives, and bows and arrows. Silver Swords Armouries, which was founded during the final year of the Ontario Renaissance Festival in 2003, also supplies historically accurate and functional arms and armour for collectors and the stage and film industry.
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    180 Burnhamthorpe Rd. E
    Oakville, ON CA
  • Denise Verutis- Personal Training
    Equipment: TRX suspension trainer, kettle bells, Olympic lifting equipment Students should bring: Water bottle Average class length: 60 minutes Number of Staff: 1?5 people Class location: Indoors only Established: 2013 Registration required: Yes Good for beginners: Yes Guests allowed: No Parking: Parking lot Pro Tip: Come ready to sweat. This will be a fun challenge
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    490 York Rd.
    Guelph, ON CA

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