Teeth Whitening in Hendersonville

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  • Embassy Dental
    Seven Embassy Dental hubs chase a single mission: to enhance smiles safely using state-of-the-art technology. The accomplished dentists that staff each office preach preventive health care and regular hygiene as a way to stave off more serious issues, although Embassy does employ an oral surgeon, endodontist, and orthodontist just in case. All procedures follow safety guidelines as outlined by the American Dental Association, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, and articulate fire extinguishers that sit in the corner of each office. The dentists can further highlight healthy smiles by treating teeth with the Zoom whitening method, which brightens them an average of eight shades in 45 minutes.
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    177 W Main St.
    Hendersonville, TN US
  • Rivergate Dental Care
    The tooth technicians at Rivergate Dental Care ply their pearly trade in a relaxed, nurturing setting. Dentists tailor each whitening procedure to patrons based on the type and level of tooth discoloration, including routine stains, marks left from recently removed braces, and plaques from 3rd-grade softball victories. During the 90- to 120-minute whitening, lips and gums are shielded before a specialized gel coats the chompers. A Zoom! light positioned over the mouth speeds the blanching, bumping mouth bones up to two shades lighter. Clients receive two bottles of take-home gel to brighten teeth by up to six shades. New patients can also make an appointment for a free exam and X-ray to ensure their enamel's eligibility for whitening.
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    133 Northcreek Blvd
    Goodlettsville, TN US
  • Jackson Family Dental, Pllc
    Whether a routine checkup or a tooth extraction, Dr. Meade Jackson uses her skills to ensure patients? teeth stay in tip-top shape. She fixes cavities with matching white fillings and removes diseased pulp during root canals. If teeth are beyond repair, Dr. Jackson performs swift extractions and replaces them with implants and dentures.?Once teeth are healthy, Dr. Jackson can make sure they're aesthetically pleasing as well?she offers in-office and take-home whitening, as well as custom veneers that cover chipped and socially awkward chompers.
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    607 W Due West Ave.
    Madison, TN US
  • Goodlettsville Family Dental
    Born and raised in eastern Tennessee, Dr. Jeff Mathews didn't stray too far from home when founding Goodlettsville Family Dental. The doctor specializes in fixing and beautifying smiles through various cosmetic procedures. He and his team also protect teeth with the help of advanced diagnostic technologies, including intraoral cameras and digital x-ray systems. Ceramic crowns, veneers, and teeth-whitening treatments help refine smiles once mouths receive a clean bill of health. Botox injections can complete makeovers.
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    919 Conference Drive
    Goodlettsville, TN US
  • Foster Dental Care
    Beyond exams and cleanings, Foster Dental Care's specialty services include same-day crowns and custom veneers. The office is open six days a week, with appointments available until 7:30 p.m. on certain days to accommodate busy schedules.
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    545 N Mount Juliet Rd.
    Mount Juliet, TN US
  • Bellevue Tanning Club
    Bellevue Tanning Club harbors a fleet of 21 technologically advanced tanning units, all kept sparkling clean and decked out with fresh bulbs by a knowledgeable staff. Low-pressure beds beam UVA and UVB rays to build a solid base tan; high-pressure beds and standup units rapidly bronze bodies almost exclusively with UVA rays to minimize the risk of burning. While vitamin D washes over tanners, a built-in fan cools skin and an internal CD stereo system lets clients catch up on the latest hits and listen to self-released karaoke performances. For a speedier service that delivers a summery glow without the beach-style lounge experience, spray tanning quickly bronzes skin with a DHA sugar-based solution matched to skin tone. Bellevue Tanning Club's tranquil décor, with walls painted periwinkle blue, white trellises, and tropical plants, recalls a sandy boardwalk on a sunny day. The staff also takes their services on the road to spray tan clients before noteworthy events, such as weddings, surprise parties, or surprise weddings.
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    7091 Old Harding Rd
    Nashville, TN US

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