Massage in and near Nashville, TN

Where do you go to find the best massage in Nashville? It’s a question that gets asked a lot, and it’s easy to understand why. After all, you’re going to need a little therapeutic kneading after a night spent dancing your way from honky tonk to honky tonk. Luckily, when it comes to massage, Nashville has a ton of great therapists ready and waiting to heal what ails you, whether you’re looking for a little pampering during a girls’ weekend, or just need a regular go-to spot where you can leave the cares of the working week at the front door. Without further ado, here’s our guide to massage in Nashville, TN:

Best Swedish Massage, Nashville

Lindsay Smith, LMT

If you’re trying massage for the very first time, consider booking a Swedish massage with Lindsay Smith. This relaxation-focused style is best for those looking to reap the relaxing benefits of a massage, without the intense therapeutic component of a deep-tissue treatment, and Lindsay’s friendly demeanor is great at putting beginners at ease. Here are some of the glowing reviews our customers left for Lindsay:


Super friendly and very attentive to providing a relaxing atmosphere. It was probably one of the best massages I have had in a long time.” - Crystal L.


“Lindsay is totally awesome. She was very welcoming and made me feel extremely comfortable. I definitely am going back and would recommend her to anyone that needs a great massage.” - Shannta


“Lindsay knows how to give a massage ! Excellent service!!! My second trip and the hour was worth every cent I paid for it plus!!” - Gail V.

What Are the Different Types of Massage?


Swedish massage is perhaps the most common type of massage you’ll encounter, but there are many different types of massages you can choose from. Here’s a brief breakdown of four of the most popular massage modalities:



During this relaxation-focused style of massage, therapists use long, gliding strokes and circular motions to help knead away tension in the shallowest layers of muscle.



As its name suggests, this style of massage aims to alleviate chronic tension held in the deepest layers of muscle and fascia. This style may be right for you if you are suffering from chronic pain.


Sports massage

Ideal for athletes and active people, sports massage can help improve athletic performance, prevent injury, and restore range of motion by keeping the muscles loose.



This style of massage focuses solely (pun not intended) on the feet, but its benefits can be felt throughout the body. How? Practitioners stimulate precise points on the feet that are believed to correlate to other organs and bodily systems.

Best Deep-Tissue Massage, Nashville

Lee’s Professional Massage


Synergy Wellness Spa holds one of the best secrets in the Nashville area. It’s also home to massage therapist Lee, who many believe is the top therapist in the Nashville massage game. “Amazing”, “awesome”, and “attentive” are just a few of the words that Lee’s clients use to describe him. Here’s what else they had to say about their experiences:


Lee gave me the best massage. I immediately felt at ease. He listened to me thoroughly and I feel much better because of this experience. I'll definitely be coming back and I'll be referring him to friends and family.” - Dr. B.


“Lee is AH MAZING! Very laid back & personable. He gave a great deep tissue massage that really worked out the knots in my shoulders. I already booked my next appointment!” - Karen B.


“He really helped me with my back problems. It was so good that afterwards I bought 5 more massages from him. Has a great personality makes you feel comfortable. I'm so glad that I bought the Groupon” - Ronald C.

What Is Fascia?


When talking about deep-tissue massage, therapists often talk about reaching the deeper layers of fascia in the body. But what is fascia anyway, and how is it involved in any chronic pain we might be experiencing?

Fascia is a fibrous, web-like sheath of connective tissue that covers all of our muscles, as well as our organs and connective tissues. It connects everything in our body, but sometimes it gets tight and tangled, which can lead to chronic pain or create other problems and imbalanced throughout the body.

When a massage therapist administers deep-tissue techniques, he or she aims to help loosen the fascia and break up tension that may be causing a build-up of lactic acid and other toxins in the body, which can go a long way toward keeping the fascia from tightening up again.


What Is Reflexology?: Everything You Need to Know

Kelly MacDowell

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Best Reflexology Massage in Nashville

Relax Massage


A reflexology session at the appropriately-named Relax Massage is so much more than just a foot rub. Your journey will begin as you’re led to a plush recliner where you’ll first be treated to a warm foot soak as you unwind to the sounds of Chinese music and falling water. Then, you’ll relax with an eye mask while the reflexologist gently stimulates the pressure points in your feet, not just soothing your tired toes and heels, but helping to bring balance to your entire body. A neck and shoulder massage caps the entire experience, making this the ideal massage for those long days when you just need a little after work pick-me-up.

What Is Reflexology?


Reflexology is an Eastern medicine style of bodywork that focuses on pressure points in the feet. Practitioners believe that each of these pressure points connects to another organ or bodily system, and that by manipulating these points, you may be able to correct imbalances throughout the body.


How Does It Work?

Some reflexologists compare the treatment to acupuncture, sending corrective signals to the nervous system and releasing endorphins. Others believe it works by clearing blockages in the flow of energy commonly referred to as Qi. Whether or not it actually works is a matter of great debate, but at the very least, you’ll be getting a great foot massage!

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