Restaurants in Hilton Head Island

Beach, golf, shopping, repeat. Is this what your itinerary looks like on a trip to Hilton Head Island? For all that relaxing, you’ll need to fuel up. We’ve combed through all the Hilton Head restaurants so we could share our favorites with you. From artistic fine dining to delicious Mediterranean cuisine to all-you-can-eat meat, these are our picks for the best restaurants in Hilton Head, SC.

The Studio

In this warmly lit dining room, where Chef Paul Colella’s creative entrees are served, the walls double as an art gallery for the colorful paintings by his wife, Lunonia. As customers dine on dishes such as grass-fed filet mignon and maple-glazed wild salmon, they can also watch Lunonia dabbing oils on canvas or listen to guitarist Armand DeMille's retro rock ballads. The eatery’s wine list highlights around 70 vintages for diners to find the perfect pairings for their meals.


What People Are Saying


“The Filet mignon was really good. The atmosphere was really different from most restaurants you would go to because it’s also an art studio. The live music is really good, and it’s at [a] perfect volume. Definitely a place to visit when you’re in the area.” – Vlad M.


“Our food was prepared exquisitely. It was so beautiful we had to take pictures of our appetizers and entrees. We were pleased to find that our palate was as impressed as our eyes.” – Michele S.


“I loved the vegan options, which were very good. Great cozy, refined atmosphere” – Kay H.

“The service, food and live entertainment was great. Dim lights make it a romantic spot I'd think, but all [are] welcomed. I enjoyed it all very much. . . . [I ordered] lobster and filet mignon. The raspberry cosmo was on point. Oh and the blueberry cake and ice cream. I left full and satisfied.” – Yolanda E.

Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse

Cowboy Brazilian Steakhouse’s entrance looks almost like a marquis—appropriate, since the servers put on quite a show. They make their rounds in the traditional churrascaria style, brandishing 16 types of skewered meats to carve onto guests’ plates, including spicy chicken sausage and bacon-wrapped filet mignon. But you might get full before the main event, as the salad bar is stocked with more than 30 items and six hot sides. You can visit the walk-in wine cellar to choose from varietals from Argentina, Chile, and California, or simply flag down a bar cart, stocked with ingredients for caipirinhas, the national cocktail of Brazil.


What People Are Saying


“A great experience , all the staff were so friendly and welcoming. Food was delicious. The salad bar was my favorite. The meat was cooked exactly as I asked for, and plentiful. We will definitely return here.” – Peter P.


“We had a wonderful experience. The staff, and especially our server Jessica, were all very friendly and helpful. The salad bar and hot bar have delicious offerings, and the meats are phenomenal! Especially the lamb and filet with bacon.” – John R.

“The meat was top quality and cooked to perfection for everyone's taste. A fabulous experience to celebrate life events with family and friends.” – Joan D.  


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Philly’s Cafe

At Philly’s Cafe, dozens of handheld options are on order as chefs mix and match meats, cheese, veggies, and flavorful sauces for their menu of sandwiches. For example, chicken sandwiches are crafted nine different ways—grilled and slathered in honey mustard, or fired and topped with bacon—and given catchy names such as Big Bird and Fog Horn.  Even the traditional philly cheesesteak can be served in six styles.


What People Are Saying


“It was fantastic. The sandwiches were great. The staff was extremely helpful and friendly. We all enjoyed our lunch choices and will definitely be back!” – KD C.


“I’ve been coming to HHI for 20 years, and Philly’s is a regular part of our vacation. Quality food at a fair price. This is an ideal stop for lunch for an event planned morning or afternoon. Highly recommend any philly...duh!” – Jeremy F.

“We always get take-out for lunch from Philly’s at least once when we are in HIlton Head. Staff are accommodating, great customer service, and food is always consistently good!” – Tricia S.

Here’s How to Order a Philly Cheesesteak


Ah, the philly cheesesteak: thinly sliced rib-eye mixed with melted cheese makes this a classic sandwich. Even if you’re not in the City of Brotherly Love, if you’re at a restaurant with cheesesteak on the menu, you must know the right way to order one.



  • First: lead with the cheese, ie, the only three cheese that are put on a legit philly cheesesteak: “american,” “provolone,” or “Whiz” (the latter options refers to Cheeze Whiz—that stuff that comes in a jar).
  • Next: Follow the cheese with “wit” (meaning with onions) or “wit’out” (meaning without onions.



By following the above formula, a proper order would be, for example, “One american wit, and one Whiz wit’out,” for two sandwiches, one with american cheese and onions, the other with Cheez Whiz and no onions.


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Mediterranean Harbour Bar & Grill

Just steps from Shelter Cove Marina, Mediterranean Harbour Bar & Grill serves up cuisine that is decidedly Lebanese. Classic Mediterranean ingredients are featured across the menu, such as crisp falafel, hearty kebab plates, and shawarma, marinated for 24 hours and slow-roasted on a rotisserie.


What People Are Saying

“[The] falafel sandwich is the best we’ve had! The baklava is excellent as well!” – Lisa S.


“Really a great plate of food: very flavorful without heavy sauces, perfectly sautéed fresh vegetables. The baklava was extraordinary.” – William W.

“Enjoyed the atmosphere and the waiter was kind and helpful. Our table enjoyed lamb kabobs, Greek salad and the child's pizza. All was delicious and the lamb exceptional!” – Nancy M.

Try These Middle Eastern Dishes

If you’re new to Middle Eastern food, here’s where you should start.


  • Hummus: a dip, usually for pita bread, made from mashed chickpeas, tahini, olive oil, and lemon juice
  • Falafel: a staple dish, made from ground chickpeas typically mixed with parsley, garlic, or cumin, then fried
  • Baklava: flaky filo dough layered with nuts and honey to create the quintessential Middle Eastern dessert
  • Tabouleh: a salad made with bulgur (cracked wheat), mint, parsley, and onion, mixed with olive oil and lemon juice
  • Shawarma: slow-roasted chicken, lamb, or beef, marinated and slow-cooked on a spit—sliced to order

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