Hypnosis in London

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  • Integrated Holistic Wellness
    Elizabeth Perez and the team at Integrated Holistic Wellness work to balance the body not through drugs, surgeries, or balsa-wood shims, but rather with mind and body therapies such as massage, reflexology, and yoga. Reiki sessions draw upon the positive energy of the universe, whereas meditation hones in on the potential of one's own thoughts and energies. The practitioners here also turn to forces such as sound, vibration, and color to promote self-healing and relaxation.
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    1111 Bleams Rd.
    Wilmot, ON CA
  • Four Truth Hypnosis
    Established: 2014 Reservations/Appointments: Required Handicap Accessible: No Staff Size: 1 person Parking: Metered street parking Most popular service: Weight loss; smoking cessation; anxiety Pro Tip: Come with an specific situation you'd like help with. Keep an open mind and success will be yours.
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    88 Weber Street West
    Kitchener, ON CA
  • K-W Homeopathic Medicine and Wellness Clinic
    A team of highly trained homeopaths use alternative therapies to bring bodies to total wellness. Yoga, hypnosis, and reflexology sessions help alleviate aches, and reiki treatments aim to rebalance the chakras. A nutritional analysis helps clients discover the most beneficial supplements and diets for them, such as a plant-based diet or a diet with only foods that are yellow.
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    751 King Street West
    Kitchener, ON CA
  • Freedom Laser Centres
    It's about time you see the medical professionals at Freedom Laser Centres in Kitchener. When you need medical attention, this facility is readily available to treat you and your symptoms. When you wake up not feeling well, you can turn to a doctor at Freedom Laser Centres and get the treatment you need.
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    690 Belmont Ave W
    Kitchener, ON CA
  • Whispering Willows
    Curious about alternative medicine? Call Whispering Willows in Waterloo to learn more about the practices. An alternative remedy from this clinic can help you reduce stress and better your overall health. Although considered alternative, these doctors produce great results and are willing to help you with any discomforts you're having.
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    76 Regina St N
    Waterloo, ON CA
  • Great Lakes Hypnosis
    Contrary to popular belief, hypnosis doesn't put people to sleep. Instead, a hypnotist guides the client's mind into the realm of the subconscious to discover and dissipate bad habits, traumatic memories, or stress. Great Lakes Hypnosis strives to do just that with every session. Likening it to flipping a switch within the brain, the hypnotist leads the mind's subconscious captain to smoke-free or anger-free waters. Great Lakes Hypnosis also helps with dietary and lifestyle habits, and clients often leave with healthy brain food, such as a relaxation CD that plies their ears with the tranquil noises of nature.
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    1711 Pine Grove Ave.
    Port Huron, MI US