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  • Animal Adventures
    A haven for exotic animals rescued from neglect or abandonment, Animal Adventures lets visitors interact with its furry and scaly refugees, teaching them firsthand to appreciate and respect the earth's diverse wildlife. Working with a rotating cast of mammals, reptiles, amphibians, and marsupials, animal experts regale audiences with facts and the backstories of each animal, such as how they were rescued and which cartoon representative of their species best captures their regional accent. Though its denizens regularly find new homes, Animal Adventures's altruistic menagerie has included a massive alligator snapping turtle, a canadian lynx, and an asian water monitor. The sanctuary also offers day camps for youngsters looking to get closer with the animals, and an animal-adoption program for adults looking to support the cause by taking a critter home and putting it through college.
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    336 Sugar Rd.
    Bolton, MA US
  • Zoo New England
    Thanks to Zoo New England, little patches of wilderness from Africa, South America, Australia, and other parts of the world now dot Massachusetts. The non-profit organization operates both Franklin Park Zoo and Stone Zoo, each full of exotic creatures and their habitats. These microcosms represent an ideal world, one where endangered species thrive and fragile ecosystems last for generations to come. At Franklin Park Zoo, tigers display their exotic stripes in the Tiger Tales exhibit where guests are educated on the perils these animals face in their natural habitats. Elsewhere, thousands of plants as well as mandrills, ocelots, and a pygmy hippopotamus turn the zoo into a tropical rainforest. Stone Zoo, meanwhile, places simulations of the world's highlands next to Spot Pond. One area focuses on the Sierra Madre mountain range, which spans Mexico and the Southwestern U.S. The elevated habitat counts jaguars, coyotes, Gila monsters, and cougars among its denizens. A portion of every admission goes to the organization's conservation efforts, which supports projects both locally and globally. For would-be zookeepers, Zoo New England hosts various adult and kids' educational programs, and lets volunteers help in the care of zoo plants and animals.
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    149 Pond St
    Stoneham, MA US
  • Mass Audubon Society
    One of the largest conservation organizations in New England, Mass Audubon cares for 34,000 acres of natural land in a network of more than 50 wildlife sanctuaries across the state. Its members receive free admission to these pacific preserves, where, alongside more than 150 endangered or threatened native species, they can breathe in Mother Nature?s perfume or have a good cry on her mossy bosom. During bird-migration season, alert gazes can capture some 300 species of sky surfer at Allens Pond on the South Coast, and visitors to Lincoln?s Drumlin Farm can re-enact Charlotte's Web with a motley band of sheep, cows, goats, and pigs.
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    87 Perkins Row
    Topsfield, MA US
  • Griffen Theatre
    Breaking through the fourth wall with terrifying visions to send tingles up even the sturdiest spines, the Witches Cottage live witchcraft and ghost show interacts with audience members for a chilling introduction to Salem?s supernatural side. Guests begin their journey in the theater?s lobby, mystically transformed into an old witch?s cottage complete with bubbling cauldron, pictorial remnants of the witchcraft trials of 1692, and a utility closet full of retired brooms. Guests will feel around in the foggy 75-seat theater for their seats and gasp in horror as a shadowy wendigo spirit slinks toward the audience. Rekindle entrepreneurial ambitions of opening a soul pawn shop as you witness a puritan entering into a dark pact with the devil, and then retire said dreams as you meet, face-to-face, the soulless entities of the underworld?s darkest corners. Throughout the show, Salem history and legend weave truth and myth into ghostly tales, blurring the lines of reality as if they were mere suggestions. The spooky performance ups its terror quotient during evening shows, with special nighttime events scattered throughout the week.
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    7 Lynde St
    Salem, MA US
  • The Salem Wax Museum
    At Salem Wax Museum, visitors come face-to-face with some of the area's most iconic figures, including author Nathaniel Hawthorne, ruthless witch-trials judge Colonel John Hathorne, and accused witch Tituba, who sparked the city's witch hysteria in the late 17th century. But even outside the museum's doors, guests find themselves surrounded by eerie evidence of the past. Behind the building sits the final resting place of other Salem figures at Burying Point, supposedly the second oldest burial ground in the US. Right next to it, the Witch Trials Memorial commemorates the period of time where accused witchcraft ran rampant. Throughout the year, the museum transforms the entire scene with themed seasonal attractions. In October, for instance, it sets up terrifying exhibits such as Frankenstein's Castle and houses that pass out toothbrushes instead of candy on Halloween.
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    288 Derby St
    Salem, MA US
  • Smolak Farms
    Smolak Farms is as pretty as a picture. Orchards, berries, and bee hives dot the idyllic farm landscape, while fowl roam the grounds. The best way to experience these natural wonders is atop the hayrides that trundle across the fields from May through October. Ride the hay wagon all around the farm for a grand tour of the many seasonal changes and festivities that take place. This 20 minute ride will give you a great taste of the farm fresh atmosphere at Smolak Farms. Throughout the year, seasonal produce entices riders at the farm stand, where they can get everything from freshly baked apple cider donuts to salads with veggies from the fields.
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    315 South Bradford Street
    North Andover, MA US

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