Oxnard has a lot to offer residents who are seeking places to work out and get in shape. The weather makes outdoor sports ideal, but for those who prefer a more traditional workout environment, there are gyms and fitness centers to meet the needs of Oxnard fitness buffs.

For those looking to build muscle, Gold's Gym offers weightlifting, powerlifting and a variety of aerobic classes. Annual memberships are available, or for those who want to try before they buy, a seven-day VIP pass can help determine if Gold's Gym is a good fit.

For those who prefer a team sport or activity to burn fat and calories, LA Fitness offers basketball and racquetball courts. LA Fitness also offers a full fitness center with activity courts, machines, aerobic classes and a swimming pool. After a workout, try out the sauna.

Some people want the added accountability of a personal trainer to help with their health goals. Fitness 19 offers personal trainers for every fitness level. Gym memberships are offered on both an annual and a month-to-month basis, and members can choose from free weights, machines and classes to help meet weight loss goals.

For those who want to work out but find normal gym hours don't fit their busy lifestyle, 24 Hour Fitness can help. These centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and offer classes, machines and free weights. Customized fitness plans can be created by 24 Hour Fitness personal trainers to ensure members gain the maximum benefit from their workouts no matter what time of day or night they exercise. Annual or month-to-month memberships are available.

It is important to remember that a physician should be consulted to rule out any conditions that might make exercising dangerous before starting a new Oxnard fitness routine. Any number of Oxnard doctors can approve an exercise regimen to meet a person's needs.

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