Everybody needs the human touch now and again. Daily stress threatens to add wrinkles and frizz out our hair, while causing knots in muscle tissue. Treatment from Oxnard day spas can alleviate some of this tension and realign bodies and quality of life. Oxnard massages or a facial and a cut or coloring could be all that’s needed to get that glow back.

In the case of Escape Luxury Salon and Day Spa, the book can be judged by its cover. The name does do justice to the treatment inside. The house is stocked with the best Oxnard massage specialists, and just listen to the long list of massage treatments: swedish, deep tissue, sports, reflexology, hot stone, and therapeutic. Pricing starts as low as $50 for half an hour and up to $115 for one and half hours. For pregnant women, Escape Spa offers a special massage targeting those areas which affect pregnant women the most. Sore feet and back pain problems are alleviated after an hour in their good hands. What’s very special about Escape Spa is its close proximity to the ocean. The clean ocean soothes clients as they arrive and depart.

Some salons in Oxnard specialize in treating both men and women, and MYSJ Studio next to the outlet mall in Oxnard is tops in this category. For what they do, MYSJ is good value. Women’s cuts ranges from $45 to $55, while men’s cuts are about $35. The professionals here are well-schooled in all the latest styles. Even for people who can’t make up their minds, MYSJ’s stylists have well-trained eyes and can see what’s trending and what fits with each client’s particular body and bone structure.

Oxnard hair salons and day spas are of good value and are well-staffed with professionals who have perfected their craft. Men and women will both be impressed with the results of their new look and refreshed attitude.

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