Whether it’s for shedding extra pounds or just toning up, a pass to an Oxnard gym is a pass to health and self-confidence. With so many exercise options in Oxnard: gyms with personal trainers, yoga studios, and Pilates classes, the road to weight loss is accessible to all.

One great gym in Oxnard is 24 Hour Fitness. And true to its name, 24 Hour Fitness never closes. This is especially helpful for people who work odd hours and can’t make it to other gyms’ normal hours. 24 Hour Fitness has it all: free weights, machines, bikes, treadmills, classes, pools, and certified personal trainers. It’s also one of the cheapest gyms in Oxnard. Fees start at $30 per month for an all-club membership, and all-club members have access to any of 24 Hour Fitness club situated throughout 15 states.

For those wanting to connect with mind and body, yoga is a great option. In Oxnard, yoga can be experienced on the beach as well. The Yoga Channel is situated in a little haven called Silver Strand Beach, and is directed by Maribeth Hammond, who has more than 10,000 hours of yoga instruction under her belt. With yoga, the emphasis is not put on gaining brute strength, but rather on balancing and tonifying the body. The idea is to find inner calm with slow meditative practices.

For a waist-trimming workout routine, check out an Oxnard Pilates class. The best studio is Pilates Influence down on Harbor Boulevard. Pilates focuses on training core muscles to protect and strengthen the back. It is extremely vigorous and is a guaranteed weight loss technique. Pilates Influence’s instructors work closely with clients’ posture, and they do a good job looking after their clients’ well-being.

All Oxnard gyms, yoga classes, and Pilates classes share the dedication of seeing clients emerge on a path to wellness and weightloss. Get signed up for a better life today!

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