Losing weight, toning the body and getting in shape are important to Palm Bay residents because of the city's miles of beaches where residents want to look their best. When locals want to get rid of weight quickly, they know that they need to hit one of the best Palm Bay gyms. These gyms offer everything from traditional aerobics classes to new equipment and fitness machines.

Located right in the heart of downtown Palm Bay, the Pro-Health & Fitness Center is a hidden gym in the city. The gym has more than 18,000 square feet of exercise space, a steam room and Jacuzzi for unwinding after a workout. They also have dozens of machines, including stationary bikes and stair climbers. It might look like a typical gym, but it offers unique classes. Some of these include elderly workouts, those for people with limited mobility and fitness courses for kids.

Yoga and Pilates give users lean and toned bodies without putting people under too much stress or pressure. Palm Bay yoga classes include those offered by Yogashanti. Users can attend a single class here, but the gym also offers a month-long membership that lets users take multiple classes. Yogashanti even offers retreats where members can escape from city life for a few days.

Pilates Edge is one of the most popular Palm Bay Pilates studios because it offers weightloss classes and those designed for people with limited mobility. Members recovering from injuries can attend courses on-site, which help those people gain strength in their muscles and joints. The state-of-the-art equipment and fully trained instructors are other perks of visiting the studio.

Palm Bay gyms and studios offer classes and programs that help locals get the perfect bodies they need for lounging on top-notch beaches in the city. With yoga, Pilates classes and gyms with one-of-a-kind classes, no one will ever worry about how they look on the beach.

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