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  • CrossFit Epidemic
    CrossFit Epidemic's trainers encourage clients to work toward their fitness goals by hosting vigorous workouts that accommodate almost all fitness levels. They lead participants through an ever-rotating tapestry of strength-building exercises and cardio work that culls elements from weightlifting, gymnastics, and metabolic conditioning, ensuring a whole-body workout that bolsters stamina while building muscle mass over time. Although the instructors let attendees control the intensity of each workout, they also keep class sizes small so that they can monitor each student?s technique and Jack LaLanne impersonation, as well as offer personalized feedback.
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    4269 Southwest High Meadows Avenue
    Palm City, Florida US
  • Lotus Loft
    Inside the infrared-heated studio of Lotus Loft, groups gather seven days a week to bend, stretch, and sweat. It's here that they hone in on the integral mind-body connection that is so unique to the practice of yoga. Though not all the classes are heated, many incorporate warmth to help loosen muscles and increase blood-flow, helping participants to maximize their yoga poses and achieve a highly advanced glow. The studio, which is dedicated to maintaining an environmentally green facility, also plays host to Pilates, Pilates barre, and fitness classes in addition to yoga sessions.
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    2337 Southwest Martin Highway
    Palm City, FL US
  • Hard Exercise Works
    Hard Exercise Works helps clients improve their physical health with intense total-body workout regimens for all fitness levels and sage nutrition advice within a supportive fitness community. Dedicated coaches push attendees to reach their goals in classes that accommodate up to 50 students, ensuring pupils' safety by demonstrating proper technique. Each workout consists of an ever-changing sequence of intense exercises, intended to improve strength and stamina over a five-week period. In addition to a vigorous fitness regimen, the gym's nutrition philosophy promotes well-being outside of class sessions by either prescribing a five-week diet for students or teaching them how to photosynthesize their own food.
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    1495 NW Federal Hwy.
    Stuart, FL US
  • Best Body Bootcamp Stuart
    Stuart CrossFit designs classes that are unusual and fun, challenging students to flip tires and pull heavy sleds. Certified instructor Gina Galiano, a lifelong fitness enthusiast, found herself floundering as workouts became boring and tedious. A manifestation of the antidote she discovered, today Gina leads what she calls "eclectic" boot-camp sessions that change from week to week. By keeping the workouts fresh, she hopes to prevent participants from becoming bored and dangerously pretending their dumbbells are hand puppets. Based in cardio and strength training, Gina's 45- to 60-minute workouts eschew fitness-machine doldrums for weight work and exercises that elevate heart rates.
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    7675 Southwest Jack James Drive
    Stuart, FL US
  • Gold's Gym Stuart
    Since its 1965 founding in Venice Beach, California, Gold's Gym has dotted the globe with more than 600 locations where professional athletes and exercise newbies gather under the umbrella of personal strength. Nearly 3.5 million Gold's members chart and aim for their fitness peaks, perspiring beneath the gaze of certified personal trainers or pedaling beside peers at cycling sessions. In a diverse lineup of group classes, patrons strengthen cores with Pilates, finger-paint pictures of ninjas in martial arts, and amp up heart rates along to the pulsating soundtracks of Les Mills routines. Many Gold's Gym locations stockpile futuristic amenities, such as cardio machines with individual iPod docks and televisions that help keep patrons motivated.
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    6067 SE Federal Hwy
    Stuart, FL US
  • Ocean Flow Yoga
    Waves tumbling across sand is one of the most relaxing sounds. It is appropriate, then, given the name of her studio, that instructor Sue Wattenbarger has a soothing voice that doesn’t disturb the sense of calm in a room full of yogis. She calls on that calm demeanor, along with more than 200 hours of training, to guide students through restorative yoga classes. Sue specializes in lymphatic classes that help circulate fluids in the body and strengthen the immune system. The staff there is also experience with guided relaxation massage and yin yoga, which uses longer poses to increase mobility in the joints or make hiding in the National Mannequin Museum all day easier.
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    701 N Federal Hwy, Suite 202
    Stuart, FL US

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