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  • Mitsuba Sushi Bar & Grill
    Executive chef William Chen deftly wields his over 10 years of culinary experience as he crafts edible works of art at Mitsuba. Plates arrive at tables carefully layered with sushi rolls such as the colorful Mitsuba lobster roll, consisting of tempura lobster, avocado, mango, and marinated crabmeat. The Christmas roll, made up of fried shrimp, spicy tuna, and caviar, is a much better holiday treat than a visit from a money-seeking relative, and it comes with an eye-catching flower garnish. For cooked comestibles, diners need look no further than their own hibachi tables, which double as fiery surfaces upon which chefs sizzle filet mignon, salmon, and scallops.
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    1790 Black River Boulevard
    Rome, NY US
  • Fuji Japanese Steak House, Hibachi, & Suchi
    Fuji Japanese Steak House, Hibachi, & Sushi's name encapsulates the chefs' dedication to forging a variety of Japan's most iconic dishes. The sushi chefs assemble 35 rolls, filling the Specialty Maki with lobster, onions, spicy salmon, and a honey-wasabi sauce, plating the roll as artfully as Michelangelo’s sculpture of the David’s favorite pizza. In the kitchen, platefuls of vegetables, chicken, and shrimp sear atop hibachi grills, and servings of beef teriyaki and yaki udon round out the menu's selection.
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    5925 Rome Taberg Rd.
    Rome, NY US
  • Sumo Japenese Restaurant
    For fresh maki, New Hartford's Sumo Japenese Restaurant has got you covered. With no low-fat options served, come ready to eat your heart out. Toast your evening out at Sumo Japenese Restaurant with a glass of beer or wine from their lengthy drink list. Bring the whole family to Sumo Japenese Restaurant, where kiddos are welcomed with open arms. Skip long waits and head to Sumo Japenese Restaurant with your large group for easy seating. The restaurant's noise level can be somewhat straining on the vocal cords, so intimate get-togethers may be best enjoyed elsewhere. The dress code at Sumo Japenese Restaurant is as relaxed as the ambience, so wear whatever suits you. If you need to get somewhere fast, the restaurant also serves up grub to go. Dine at Sumo Japenese Restaurant and keep your car safely parked in a nearby lot. Fancy snacks do come at a higher price, but wow are they delicious. Sumo Japenese Restaurant offers a wide variety of payment options, including payment by major credit card.
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    4671 Commercial Dr
    New Hartford, NY US
  • New Fuji Chinese Buffet
    Fuji Buffet opens the doors to a wide-ranging buffet, as well as individual servings from its menu of authentic Chinese eats. Buffets at lunch ($6.99) or dinner ($9.99) proposition empty bellies with the prospect of unlimited fried or steamed dumplings, 10 varieties of sauce-slathered chicken, 5 types of shrimp, and a slew of desserts. Non-buffet diners sink teeth into rich mongolian beef ($7.55) or plumb the depths of deliciousness with shrimp with lobster sauce ($8.75). A chef?s specialty dish invites guests to witness the maritime matrimony of scallops, shrimp, imitation crab, and lobster sauce in the seafood delight ($9.95), and the four seasons prompts taste buds to contemplate life?s ephemeral nature with a mouthful of shrimp, beef, scallops, roast pork, and vegetables ($8.75). Patrons can complement piping-hot dishes with an array of chilly bubble teas, a favorite refreshment among divers for its precious pockets of air.
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    2960 Erie Blvd E
    Syracuse, NY US
  • Tokyo Seoul
    The chefs at Tokyo Seoul conjure mountains of Japanese and Korean fare that includes sushi, hibachi, and pan-Asian cuisine in a spacious eatery suited for groups of all sizes. On arrival, guests can choose to sit in the fiery hibachi section, conveniently housed inside a miniature volcano, or opt for the cooler climates of the smaller party-seating area or large-party dining room. Bento boxes ($10.95 each) and sushi combos filling lunchtime bellies give diners the chance to customize their own noontime grub. Brandish chopsticks or taped together sporks to pluck up thin slices of marinated beef with bulgogi surrounded by an orbit of crispy vegetable tempura, Japanese chae noodles, rice, miso soup, and tongue-tickling ginger salad. The midday sushi and maki combo simmers with a steamy side of miso soup that complements delectable california rolls and nigiri ($13.95).
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    3180 Erie Blvd E
    Syracuse, NY US
  • Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse
    Unlike an actual crystal bubble, it's impossible to see through the Crystal Bubble roll at Ichiban Japanese Steakhouse. That's because the entree's dense with 10 delicacies, from shrimp tempura and crabstick to toppings of avocado, scallions, and spicy mayo. Crafted by master sushi chefs, the Crystal Bubble is one of 40-plus sushi specialties, which range from the Loaded Potato roll's sweet-potato tempura and bacon to the Soul Roll's crab salad and scallops. While the sushi team assembles raw fixings, Ichiban's hibachi chefs show off their teppanyaki talents. Made at each table's iron grill, hibachi feasts?complete with soup, salad, veggies, and steamed rice?are cooked right before diners' eyes. When they're done flinging shrimp into awaiting mouths or purses for later snacking, chefs sear succulent mains, such as tofu teriyaki and cold-water lobster tails. To complement Ichiban's menu, try a specialty cocktail like the Geisha's Delight, a coconut, pineapple, and sake blend that arrives in a mug you can take home.
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    302 Old Liverpool Rd
    Liverpool, NY US

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