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  • Phalanx CrossFit
    Phalanx CrossFit is christened after the ancient Greek word meaning "a group of individuals working closely together to achieve a common purpose." Here, enthusiastic trainers encourage students to help keep one another motivated in the intimate, no-frills gym to up their fitness and overall quality of life. Surrounded by massive tires, kettlebells, and pull-up bars, Zack and Tammy Luikart, and their staff of seasoned fellow trainers guide students of all athletic backgrounds through high-intensity CrossFit workouts. The routines are infused with functional exercises such as weightlifting, running, and jumping, and vary from day to day to prevent workout burnout. In addition to whipping them into shape, the trainers also provide students with tips on nutrition and injury prevention, suggesting therapeutic stretches and the best way to terminate a treadmill you suspect is plotting to tie your shoelaces together.
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    3509 Cameron Dr.
    Sanford, NC US
  • Jazzercise National
    Jazzercise is 60 minutes of cardio, strength training, and stretching that incorporates moves from hip-hop, yoga, Pilates, jazz dance, kickboxing, and resistance training with handheld weights. Dancing With the Stars multiple-champion Cheryl Burke is a big fan of Jazzercise's improvisational workouts, though luckily participants won't need her dance moves to get the most out of each class. Those prone to first-class jitters, though, can review the basic moves online before attending. Expect to burn off up to 500 calories with each go-round.
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    134 S Main St
    Fuquay Varina, NC US
  • OPT Fitness
    The seasoned trainers at OPT Fitness help blossoming athletes build strength, endurance, and confidence with a comprehensive roster of fitness-minded services. Drawing from years of experience in disciplines such as volleyball, running, and battling ropes, each skilled instructor works to singe calories and coerce muscles to emerge from hiding under rock-shaped tattoos.
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    301 S Main St.
    Fuquay-Varina, NC US
  • Jazzercise Post-5/14/12 Canada
    Today, it's undeniable: Jazzercise is a worldwide empire, spanning more than 1,800 locations and 32,000 weekly classes across the globe. It's also hip; gone are the leotards and legwarmers of the 1980s, replaced with a high-intensity blend of cardio, strength training, kickboxing and power yoga performed to hits by chart-toppers from Shakira to Justin Timberlake. The class formats, which vary according to different toning goals, are just as diverse as the program's move set, with recent additions such as Fusion, Core, and Strike broadening the workouts' variety and application. Instructors cultivate a noncompetitive atmosphere where all exercisers?with the exception of those marked as cursed by jazz-hand palm readers?are welcome regardless of age, build, or fitness background. This sense of community keeps Jazzercise devotees coming back, but so too do the results; benefits ranging from weight loss and boosted core strength to increased flexibility and stress relief. Jazzercise's continued success can be traced to the innovation of its founder, Judi Sheppard Missett. While teaching jazz dance in the 1960s, she decided to step away from tradition by offering an experimental class that allowed her students to simply dance without the judgment of mirrors or the constraints of rigid technique. Little did she know that this ?just for fun? class was the prototype for what would become the Jazzercise sensation.
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    13223-62 St.
    Edmonton, AB CA
  • Get Moving Fitness
    Get Moving Fitness Licensed instructor Casey began her infatuation with Zumba three years ago after attending a class in upstate New York. Since moving to Apex, she has devoted her time to spreading the good word of the rhythmic workout, leading protégés through accessible steps, spins, and stretches set to Latin music. Now, she divides her time between two studios, but she sashays out into the wider world to host private sessions in guests’ homes, personal gyms, or bouncy castles.
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    519 Broad Street
    Fuquay Varina, NC US

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