Cleaning Services in Satellite Beach

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  • Magic Mops Cleaning
    Magic Mops Cleaning never enters a home without a plan. At the very least, the bonded and insured cleaning teams refer to a 43-point checklist of the most basic places where dirt, dust, and grime tend to accumulate. However, Magic Mops Cleaning prefers to design personalized plans based on homeowners' unique situations and needs. Professionals arrive at doorsteps toting their own equipment and eco-friendly cleaning supplies, taking a moment to appraise the situation before thoroughly vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, sanitizing, and scrubbing. This exhaustive approach leaves areas such as kitchens, bathrooms, and living rooms as clean as the laboratory where bleach was invented.
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    4203 Collinwood Drive
    Melbourne, FL US
  • Green Clean
    Green Clean kicks dust, crust, and cobwebs to the curb without afflicting the home?s inhabitants or the health of the planet with harsh chemicals. Using only Green Seal?certified products, Green Clean erases the crud that coagulates around sinks, tubs, and toilets?and also sweeps away kitchen flotsam and jetsam with a countertop cleanse, microwave wipe-down, stovetop sterilization, and exterior refrigerator scrub. Flitting from room to room, the Green Clean crew vacuums carpets, furniture, curtains, and dozing roommates. Beds get made, trash gets emptied, and baseboards and ceiling fans get dusted. By the time the cleaners vanish in a puff of potpourri, the windows will sparkle and the floorboards will be smooth enough to facilitate celebratory triple axels during football games.
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    4740 Miramar St
    Cocoa, FL US
  • East Coast Pools and Solar
    The technicians at East Coast Pools and Solar help homeowners harness the power of the sun. Through the installation and maintenance of solar panels, they strive to help their customers save money on monthly energy bills while treating the earth more gently. Their pool-cleaning services, on the other hand, are less about harnessing the sun and more about celebrating it. The crew keeps pool water sparkling for a refreshing post-sunbathing dip by ensuring that chemicals are in balance, filters are empty, and the surface is free of floating pasta noodles.
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    320 Hickory Avenue
    Merritt Island, FL US
  • Green Clean Away
    Most Popular Service: Eco-friendly home cleaning Reservations/Appointments: Required Established: 2011 Staff Size: 2?10 people Average Duration of Services: 1?2 hours Products Used: Eco-friendly, or the client's personal products Pro Tip: Clear walkways for easy cleaning access and specify preferred areas for cleaning upon arrival.
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    Coral Gable, FL US
  • Beachside Windows
    Signature service: Professional window cleaning Established: 2013 Reservations/Appointments: Required Staff Size: 2?10 people Average Duration of Services: 1?4 hours
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    Vero Beach, FL US
  • Drake's Pressure Washing
    Drake Dickerson brings hundreds of hours of pressure-washing experience to each job that he undertakes. He points his arsenal of tools––which includes a professional-grade 4,000-psi pressure washer, 20-inch surface cleaner, and extension wand––at driveways, sidewalks, porches, and pool decks, scouring off pesky dirt and salty automobile tears to rereveal the sparkling surface underneath. The company's pressure-washing prowess also extends to mailboxes, curbs, and fences, and if mold and mildew are the issue, Drake can also employ a chemical treatment to rid the surface of its green tint.
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    Aloma Ave.
    Oviedo, Florida US