South Bend takes pride in its history by opening dozens of its historic buildings and homes to the public. History tours are not for everyone, which is why the city also provides other activities for locals. With an emphasis on sports and delicious food, any South Bend guide should mention some of the top attractions.

Right in the heart of downtown, the College Football Hall of Fame often gets lost among the other buildings and activities. This museum is one of the top things to do in South Bend because it offers displays of memorabilia, artifacts and other items related to the history of college football. Outside the museum is a miniature football field that the city built when it earned the right to build the museum. Families can picnic on the field, while others might prefer to play their own game of touch football.

A guide to South Bend should mention Notre Dame. The University of Notre Dame is one of the largest and oldest private Catholic universities in the country, and the campus is open to the public. Towering above the football stadium is Touchdown Jesus. This artwork depicts Jesus with His arms raised high, as if signaling a touchdown. The creators of the artwork deliberately painted the piece on a nearby building, making it appear as if He is looking down over every game.

Not all South Bend things to do center on football. The South Bend Chocolate Cafe in the downtown area offers drinks, sandwiches, desserts and chocolates. The cafe's chefs create every dish on the menu from scratch using fresh ingredients, and the handmade chocolates have a rich and creamy texture. Though several stores sell the chocolates, there is nothing like the taste of the fresh treats sold at the main shop.

A South Bend guide makes it easy for locals to find attractions and activities right in their own backyard. With museums and restaurants, some of the best South Bend deals are just a short drive from home.

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